House bug

My in-laws are in town from California right now. My father in-law is planning on retiring in the next year, so they have decided they want to move to Colorado to spend their golden years. I love my in-laws, they are truly wonderful people and I’m so excited to have them move here!

We spent the past 2 days house hunting. And when I say house hunting, I mean hardcore, looking at 20 homes per day until you’re blue in the face, house hunting. The homes they are looking at are absolutely beautiful and I’m so happy that they are able to afford such wonderful homes in such safe neighborhoods!

But looking at homes with them has really made me want a home. We live in a condo right now, which we love. But it feels small for a family. There’s no yard, no third bedroom, not a lot of room to stretch out. We’ve lived here for over three years now, and I absolutely love it. It fits us perfectly, but I wonder how it will feel if we ever have our third addition. That fear makes me want to own a home.

The hard part is that I’m self-employed, so getting qualified for a loan that would get us a home is difficult to say the least. We would have to sell our condo first before we could qualify for a loan for a home. Oiy. It would be easier to do that now than to do that with a baby. Decisions, decisions.


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