We got back last week from an amazing time in Mexico! We basically just spent 7 days laying on the beach, reading books, swimming in the ocean, walking in the shallow waves, eating great food, enjoying wonderful conversation with each other, and of course, sipping a pina colada or two. =)

Here are a few pictures!

We got a cute “Happy Anniversary” banner on the door to our room!
Our beautiful beach!

When David and I first started dating, he lived in London for about half a year. I went to visit him for 10 days and we were pretty much together 24/7 without a break (aside from sleeping in seperate rooms). I can honestly say that in that 10 days, we never fought, never got sick of each other, never got on one another’s nerves and never said a harsh word to each other. We travel incredibly well together, I love it! The same was true for this vacation. For 7 full days, we never left each other’s side and we were happy as clams the entire time.
We had such an amazing time and were blessed with a lot of time to talk about everything going on in our lives right now: jobs, selling our condo, buying a house, starting a family, our marriage, our families. It was wonderful to feel so connected on that level.  I am so blessed to have a husband who I can connect with on such a deep emotional level.

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