On the market!

Our condo is officially listed! We spent the better part of 5 crazy days moving furniture, pictures, pillows and clothes as we got our condo ready for the market. We are 100% willing to do whatever we needed to do in order sell quickly. That includes removing at least 50% of our stuff in order to stage our condo to look “move-in ready”.

Our realtor asked me to take pictures of our condo for our online listing and I think they turned out really well! There are currently 2 other units for sale right now in our complex, which is really quite low. Both of those units are listed at the same price as ours. However, we have an upper floor unit with brand new carpet and a view of a pond, which is a huge selling point. The other units for sale are bottom floor units and look out onto parking lots, which isn’t a very attractive view.

We’re *really* hoping to sell quickly and at full price! There was a similar unit in our area for sale that sold in 6 days, we’re hoping for the same!

We went to the “design center” for our new home and picked out our carpet, counter tops, tile, flooring and all the fun details that make up our new home. It was so fun! I’m not sure David shares my enthusiasm, but I thought it was great to be able to customize our new home. I am so excited for it! Now if we can just sell our place…..=)

A view from the outside of our place. Now doesn’t that make you want to put an offer in? =)


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