David and my birthdays are only 48 hours apart and I LOVE it! His mom and I also share the same birthday, so in the span of 72 hours, we get to celebrate 2 birthdays and Thanksgiving! This year, David’s birthday was on Thanksgiving and we had a great time celebrating! Nothing compliments turkey and gravy like birthday cake! =)

My mom and sister came up from Denver to Ft. Collins to celebrate. This was the first Thanksgiving that David’s parents have been able to celebrate in Colorado with my family and it was great getting everyone together! I haven’t had a “normal” Thanksgiving since my parents divorced, so it was really cool to have a bunch of people around the same table and hearing nothing but laughter and lighthearted chit chat. I love it!

In the midst of my cooking madness!
Me and my little (and fabulous) sister

I love this picture of David’s mom and I blowing out our candles!
For my birthday, I requested a trip by our new house to see how things are coming. They are scheduled to start framing this week! It looks like they cleaned out a lot of the basement from piles of dirt, they leveled our garage and front porch and installed the window wells, woohoo! There should be a lot of progress this week, so I’ll make sure to post pictures (cause I know you’re all just dying to see them haha!)! =)
Window well!

Our lovely level garage floor =)

One thought on “Thanksbirthgiving

  1. I love all of the pictures.
    Happy belated birthday to you and David! Sounds like you had a great week.
    Keep the pictures of the house-in-progress coming. I'm loving watching your house go up!


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