3 weeks!

Lots of little random things happened this week at the house…. like grout, toilets, kitchen sink, faucets & light fixtures (which were wrong by the way, hence no pictures. They should be replaced with the right ones soon. Fingers crossed.), bathroom sinks, caulk, water heater and our thermostat. All sorts of fun stuff. =)

We got the beautiful tile mosaic in our master bathroom this week. Hooray! We also got electricity, which is awesome. The house looks so great with lights on!
And the best part….carpet!
It’s crazy how carpet can make a space feel “real”.  Once the carpet went it, in really felt like a home. I really like the color and the texture…it’s great! We wanted a neutral color that was a little darer to help with stains not showing up too much.
It’s starting to sink in that we close in less than 3 weeks. We’ll begin the moving process 3 weeks from today! Whoa….3 weeks! We got our “official official official” loan approval this week, yay! I’m 82% sure that the only thing that could get in the way of us closing is if David lost his job or if our underwriter actually figures out all the confusing self-employment stuff of mine that I gave her. Just kidding…kind of…=)

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