We just got back from an incredible trip to Silverton, CO! Something that some people don’t know about David is that he is the ultimate thrill-seeker. If it’s dangerous, he wants to do it. He’s bungee jumped off of the Royal Gorge Bridge, gone sky diving, regularly bikes down mountains at 30mph, summits mountains, and will do pretty much anything when it comes to skiing….including taking a helicopter ride to the top of a 13,000 foot peak, getting dropped off, and skiing down avalanche chutes to the bottom.

Well, that was the plan anyway.

I got David a heli-skiing trip for his birthday and Christmas gift this year. To say he was excited is an understatement! He spent months training for it and was absolutely stoked to head down to Silverton for this weekend. We knew snow was in the forecast, which was a good and bad thing. Good, because the skiing would be good. Bad, because it put the helicopter ride at risk.

Our trip down was beautiful and uneventful.

 Tunnel? No. Avalanche/road barrier? Yes! There are over 100 avalanche paths on Red Mountain Pass. Some are so common that they build these barriers over the road so the avalanches just roll right over the road. How comforting…..

 Red Mountain Pass, just outside of Ouray, CO

We arrived in Silverton on Friday night and was greeted by 135 inches of snow on the ground. By noon on Saturday, another 18 had fallen, bringing the total to over 150. Those 18 inches fell from about 9am-1pm. At times, it was a blizzard, you couldn’t see a thing! Needless to say, the heli drop was out of the question. =(

While David and his good friend Noah were pretty bummed about the helicopter, they did get the spend the entire day skiing in 18 inches of powder, which isn’t a bad consolation prize!

 Silverton Mountain isn’t your typical  CO luxury ski resort. Their shuttle bus is an old prison bus, they have no running water, no lodge, 1 old chair lift which take you 3/4 of the way up (you have the hike the rest), and they barely have electricity. There are no groomed runs, just avalanche chutes that you hike up and ski down. It’s not for the faint of heart!

The start of the hike. This is what David spent months training for. Hiking at 12,000 feet with 30lbs of gear on your back, while in ski boots is not easy!
Poor helicopter =(
 They did it!
A cute one of us!
Even though the helicopter didn’t work out, I’m still so proud David did this. Silverton is some of the most difficult and dangerous terrain in the country and he skied it with no problem! We got a refund on the helicopter (what lovely timing since we close on our house in 2 days!), so we decided we’ll be back again next year to try again! 
Here’s a little video of David on one of the chutes



3 thoughts on “Silverton!

  1. Wow! What a trip. I knew David loved to ski, I did not know that he was such a thrill seeker and had done all of that other stuff. What a bummer that he didn't get to take the helicoptor ride. Glad everyone survived. 🙂


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