The Art of Marriage

As a child from divorced parents, I have made it my goal to have a happy, thriving, fun and fulfilling marriage. It definitely hasn’t always been that way. For the first year we were married, I had pretty much convinced myself that David was going to pack up and leave at any minute. It took dozens and dozens of times hearing him say “I am not your father” for me to actually start to believe that our marriage might look different than the marriage my parents had.

Since then, I have come to fully embrace, and fully enjoy all that my marriage has to offer. Simply put, I think marriage is downright blissful. We laugh, we snuggle, we talk, we eat waffles together on Saturday morning, go for walks together, ski, share our dreams, confide in each other, pray for one another and love each other with a commitment I didn’t even think was possible. Yes, we get in spats and disagreements every now and then like every couple, but we always emerge stronger and happier.   Marriage has been the most amazing experience. And we’re pretty darned determined to keep in that way!

Especially now that we are trying to start a family, David and I want to be closer than ever. We know having children often throws your marriage into rough water, and we want to be prepared for that. I *so badly* want our children to grow up knowing that their parents were strong, happy, in love and passionate about their marriage.

So when we heard about the Art of Marriage conference that our church was putting on, we decided to sign up. We heard it announced in church and the announcer said “after all, we do preventative maintenance on our cars every 3,000 miles, we fertilize our lawn in the winter to make sure it’s healthy in the summer….why don’t we take the same care of our marriages?” Good point!

The conference consisted of a series of videos, on different topics, ranging from communication to romance. The videos featured interviews with marriage experts, pastors, authors, professors and lots of fun little dramas. We each had a companion guide with us as well which had tons of supplemental information, insightful questions and exercises to do together at home. David and I both agreed that we got a TON out of this conference. It was informative, fun, challenging and thought provoking and we would encourage anyone to attend!

Here’s a link with all the different conference dates around the country. The one we went to provided free childcare and I’m sure some of the others do too. Just something to think about! =)


2 thoughts on “The Art of Marriage

  1. I'm bummed we missed it! I really wanted to go and then the date just snuck up on me! (And my mom was out of town…Even though there was childcare offered, I didn't know how ours would fare there all evening and the next day. When we come to church, I usually spend most of the service down in the nursery thanks to separation anxiety.) Glad to hear it was a good experience for you.


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