Old Pictures

I was at David’s parents house last week and they had all these fun old pictures sprawled on their living room table. I had so much fun looking through all those pictures! It inspired me to look through all the pictures that David and I have accumulated over the last 8 years (wow, I can’t believe we’ve been together that long! Crazy…). I found a bunch of pictures on his external hard drive that I hadn’t seen in years.

It’s been really cool to look back through all these old pictures. For me, looking back at the Becky 8 years ago has given me a greater appreciation for the Becky today. It puts things into perspective and has shown me how much I’ve grown personally and how David and I’s relationship has grown. 8 years ago, I thought I was the happiest girl on the planet. I look back on those days and think “that was nothing compared to how wonderful my life is now!” It’s amazing how just a few pictures can put your whole life into focus.
I’m going to make it a goal to take more pictures. You’d think that since I’m a photographer, I’d take pictures all the time, but I really don’t. I’ve gotten better since we moved, but I still want to work on documenting this little life of ours. =)

Here are a few of the pictures I stumbled across….

2005, just after we got engaged

At our engagement party in 2005

David, just before bungee jumping off the Royal Gorge Bridge.

 Prior to getting married, I had never cooked anything more than ramen noodles and rice. This was the first time I had ever cooked ground beef. Haha!
 Backpacking near Silverton, CO in 2004
 Europe in 2007
RMNP in 2007

 Miles when he was a kitten, so cute!

 David was carrying me accross a river in this picture. I didn’t want to take my hiking boots off, so he became my pack mule. Love that guy!

 Backpacking in 2004
Our honeymoon in Aruba
2004 in San Antonio
2005 on vacation in Mexico

College graduation
Mesa Verde in 2005

I have a bunch more that were shot on film that I’ll have to scan in. Overall, I have a few hundred pictures that I need to label and put in albums. That’s quite a project that I have ahead of me!


3 thoughts on “Old Pictures

  1. How fun to look at all of your “old” pictures! I'll bet you had fun doing that-we love to look at old pictures too.
    Just the other day Caleb said “I just saw the picture of the two of us after we got engaged and we look like kids!” Ha ha!
    We have a very similar picture in San Antonio.


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