Morning Ramblings

I find that sometimes I just need to write in order to process my thoughts. That was my primary motivation for starting this blog! This will probably be a pretty boring post, so feel free to skip over it! =)

I feel like I’ve had a pretty big revelation this morning in my quiet time with God and I just wanted to jot down my ramblings so that I can remember them! You ever have those times where you go “Ooohhhh! I get it!!” I love it when we get glimpses into God’s plan for us.

So for the past 2 years, I haven’t felt all that comfortable with being a full-time photographer. It’s stressful, unpredictable and really hard work. Yes, a lot of it is fun, but running your own business is incredibly stressful! So when I had my little revelation about pursuing my true calling in church last week, I felt excited to consider breaking free from full-time photography.

I have no clue what my true calling is. Maybe it’s being a mom. Maybe it’s working for a non-profit. Maybe it’s being a social worker. Maybe it’s doing some form of counseling (not private practice!!! yuck). I still have to pray about my true calling and follow the Holy Spirit on my wild goose chase. I trust that God will reveal it to me when He feels I am ready.

One thing I realized this morning is that photography is my “ticket” to do whatever this calling of mine is. I’ll explain….

Most photographers work part-time in photography in the hopes of one day having enough clients to go full-time. I kind of went about it backwards and I started out full-time. I hit the ground running my first year in business with almost 40 weddings. Crazy, I know. I didn’t plan things to go that way at all.

Whatever my true calling is, I can guarantee you that I won’t make as much as I do in photography. All of the areas I’m interested in do not pay much at all. Doing part-time photography will help me to follow this calling, without having to worry about the financial impact of things. I can get a part-time job in social work and I can also shoot 5 weddings, and I’ll make enough to keep contributing to our monthly budget.(Side note: I don’t want a full-time job because if I do get pregnant, I’d like to be home a few days a week.)

I finally am starting to understand His gifting me with the ability to be an artist. I feel like I’ve been a full-time photographer over these past 4 years, so that I could build my business up to a point where I don’t have to worry about getting clients. I can go part-time with ease. And my part-time photography income will help allow me to pursue what I’m really supposed to be doing without having to worry about the financial impact of making such a decision. Amazing! What a blessing. He just continues to amaze me.

This is near Blue Mesa Reservoir. I posted this picture because I’m in the midst of planning our 5th anniversary trip (aka Becky and David’s Awesome Colorado Extravaganza!) and we’ll be spending a night camping near this beautiful place. I’ll do a blog post soon on what I’ve planned so far!


4 thoughts on “Morning Ramblings

  1. I love when God reveals something to us and a light goes on! I think Lindsay put it best, I'm also excited to see your story unfold. God has plans for you my friend. 🙂


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