Perfect Weekend…

I had a really busy week! I had stuff going on every day, from a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner I photographed, to a wedding to lots of album designing and editing!  David and I had talked a little bit about going camping this weekend, but I kept putting off planning for it since I was so busy. Before I knew it, it was Friday…….and I had no clue where we were camping. Whoops!

I finally came up with 3 different spots we could go, all in the same area. The first was a busy campground, the second was dispersed camping in National Forest and the third was a trail that had established backpacking camping sites. Any of them would have been a great place to spend the weekend!

I frantically went to the store and bought food, packed up the car, scribbled out directions and picked David up from work to head to the hills.

What a blessing that our second option, dispersed camping in National Forest, turned out to be. We found the most amaaaaazing camp site in a meadow, right next to a beautiful lake. There were wildflowers everywhere, it was quiet, peaceful, wonderful.

We had absolutely no agenda for the weekend (which is kind of rare, considering David’s insatiable desire to summit mountains!). We spent our time sitting beside a beautiful lake, sleeping in, enjoying the sunshine, reading, watching for wildlife (we saw a huge bull moose this morning!), grilling yummy food over the fire, having great conversation and going on pretty nature walks. It was probably my all time favorite camping trip so far! That’s saying a lot because we’ve been on countless camping trips to many amazing places, but this one was absolute perfection in every way. I just loved it!

I came home feeling relaxed, refreshed, and more in love with my husband than ever. What a great weekend!

 David fishing in the lake

 Wildflowers everywhere!

 If you look really really hard, you can see the moose!
We went on a pretty hike today and had to turn around due to some major snow that was too deep to cross. So we sat by a mountain stream and ate trail mix instead. Not a bad alternative! 


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