I jumped on the boat about 9 months ago. Just as our home was being built. I realized I had a blank canvas of a house that was going to be in serious need of decorating.

I had a folder on my desktop full of pictures that I liked for home decor ideas. I had all sorts of pictures saved in that folder. The one problem was I could never remember what website the images came from for reference. And it got pretty annoying to have all those pictures take up space on my ever shrinking hard drive. Enter Pinterest.

Pinterest is an amazing place to organize and share images of things that inspire you, make your heart happy, encourage you, and give you ideas.

You can create different “pin boards” or categories to post images in. My pin boards consist of Home Decor ideas, Fashion ideas, Wedding inspiration, Recipes I want to try, and images that just make my heart happy. To each pin board, you can “pin” images that you like. Images that inspire you. Images that make you want to try something new. Images that give you new ideas.

In addition to that, you can follow other people’s pin boards, and they can follow yours. It’s a great way to share inspiration and discover new things. The pins usually contain the original source of the image, like the website or blog you grabbed it from, so that way you can always refer back to the site it came from, which is great for things like recipes!

Here’s a little snipet of my most recent pins this week. I made those ham & cheese sliders on Monday and they were to DIE for!

I’m connected to a lot of wedding professionals and a few Facebook & Twitter friends on Pinterest, but not many of my fellow blogging friends! I have 6 invites to Pinterest, so if you’re interested in joining, let me know and I’ll send you an invite! But be forewarned, this site will easily suck you in…you’ll be addicted in no time! =)


2 thoughts on “Pinterest

  1. I LOVE Pinterest! Unfortunately, it didn't cooperate very well with our internet connection in Alaska…Once the dust settles here a bit, I can't wait to get back on and start pinning again! 🙂


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