What a great long weekend we had! I had a wedding in Aspen on Saturday and David had Monday off, so we decided to just stick around after the wedding and go camping. Umm, can I just say that planning and packing for a wedding AND a camping trip is a lot of work?! Cause it is, whoa. We had quite the full car with camping stuff and all my photo gear!

So after the wedding, we drove about an hour outside of Aspen and camped on the Frying Pan river. It’s supposedly some of the best fishing in the state. David has fished there before and wanted to go back. So we decided to head up to Chapman Dam and camp on the river. It was delightful!!

We slept in, sat in the sunshine, grilled over the fire and had a wonderful time. David fished quite a bit, so I spent a good deal of time reading a book and magazines in the sunshine, my favorite pastime! It was absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend away! Life has been busy/stressful/tiring lately and this trip was exactly what we both needed. It’s amazing what a little r&r (and fishing) can do for your spirit. =)

Random story: I convinced David to carry me across the river via piggy back ride. That lasted about 45 seconds before he got his foot got stuck in a mud bog. I knew we were going down and it was going to get real ugly, real fast. I decided it was best to go foot-first into the mud bog, rather than butt-first. So I hopped off his back, got in the mud bog myself and spent the rest of the morning walking through the river trying to get my new Nikes clean. Aside from the fact that the alpine water was freeeezing, it was quite relaxing!


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