5th Anniversary Trip

What a wonderful 5th anniversary we had! Since we went on a trip to Mexico last year, we decided to stay closer to home this year. There are so many beautiful areas in Colorado that we rarely get to see because they’re 7+ hours away from where we live. It takes a whole day to get there, so you really need to have more than just a weekend to really explore some of Colorado’s prettiest spots! So we took off on a 9 day camping trip through some of Colorado prettiest spots!

We started out in Crested Butte, one of my favorite places ever in CO. We camped on the river and enjoyed the beautiful mountains surrounding us. What a great way to start our trip!

 Coming into Crested Butte…definitely a rain storm ahead!
 But with the rain storm came a beautiful full rainbow!

Pretty camp site for our first night!
We woke up late (aaahhh sleeping in on vacation is my favorite part!) and had a yummy breakfast. Then we packed up camp and headed out for a hike on the Oh Be Joyful trail. Wow, what a beautiful hike!

The first of many rather steep cliffs I looked over on this trip!
Then we headed over near Lake City to our next camp site. We 4wheeled up a pretty easy road and through a few stream crossings to get to this beautiful spot for our next camp site.

Then, it was time for Uncompahgre.  David is pretty much obsessed with climbing mountains…14ers to be specific. If a mountain is over 14,000 feet high, you can bet he has a plan on how to climb it. So far, he’s climbed about 25 of these peaks. I’ve tagged along on 7 of them. One piece of marital advice I heard year ago and took to heart was “allow your spouse’s passions to become your own passions“. While summiting these mountains makes me want to cry (oh wait…I DO cry on many of them) isn’t quite a passion of mine yet….I really love supporting David in one of his passions.

I’m not a terribly strong hiker, so these mountains are pretty tough for me. Most 14ers have at least 3,000 feet of elevation to gain and as you can imagine, there’s pretty much no oxygen when you’re almost 3 miles up in the air! While the hike was hard, I was very proud of myself for summiting!

Starting out….
The summit of Uncompahgre is in sight!

 I was pretty excited to summit =)
What you don’t see in this picture is the 1500 vertical drop in front of and behind David. Yet another sheet cliff I looked over the edge of. I got so dizzy looking over the edge that I had to sit down, it was crazy!
 Crazy steep couloir we had to climb up and down

Fat marmots everywhere!
We spent a short amount of time on the summit because there was some nasty weather moving in. We made great time getting off the mountain, packed up camp and headed for Silverton.

In order to avoid a 4 hour drive on paved roads, we opted to take Cinnamon Pass, a 4 wheel drive road that goes over the Continental Divide. The road was very rocky, but not too technical to get over. It only took 90 minutes, which sure beat 4 hours on paved roads! Plus the views were awesome!

We spent the next 3 days between Silverton and Durango. What a beautiful area! We did a few hikes, relaxed a lot and had a great time!
Our beautiful campsite one morning
One of my favorite hikes was to Potato Lake (also known as Spud Lake). This hike was exactly what I needed after such a hard hike up Uncompahgre! It was easy, relatively short and absolutely gorgeous!

I was SOOO excited that the leaves were turning!
We did another hike to Ice Lake, outside of Silverton. It was pretty much the prettiest lake I’ve ever seen in Colorado. The water was so clear and so blue, it looked like the Caribbean Ocean!

Then we headed out to Telluride for our anniversary! We were soooo happy to finally get a hot shower! We stayed in a wonderful lodge, ate yummy pizza for dinner, walked around town (and laughed at all the rich people who were in town from L.A. for the Telluride Film Festival) and enjoyed a really relaxing day. I’ve lived in Colorado my entire life and have never been to Telluride, so I was really excited to be there!

Our beautiful lodge
We headed up to the Alta Lakes area outside of Telluride and had a great time there! It was absolutely beautiful and really relaxing!
 David had fun fishing!

Finally, we headed out for our last day. I’ve always wanted to see the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, so we made sure that it was on our list of place to go! It’s kind of like a mini Grand Canyon, just a lot darker. =) The canyon is pretty narrow, so not much sunlight gets in, which is how it gets its name. I really enjoyed it here!

We had a lot of fun, enjoyed some beautiful hikes, camped under a lot of stars, ate some good food and had fun celebrating our 5 years of marriage together. It was definitely a lot of work though! Lots of driving, setting up and breaking down camp, cooking, hiking and avoiding rain storms (it rained almost every day!). But we got a lot of good relaxing in as well. I loved being able to sit by a lake, read a good book and have great conversation with David in the sunshine. Overall, it was a great trip!


5 thoughts on “5th Anniversary Trip

  1. Sounds like a great trip! Having grown up in Grand Junction I have spent a lot of time in many of those places. The lake outside of Silverton wasn't Ice Lakes Basin was it? I love Crested Butte. We hiked Oh Be Joyful on our honeymoon 🙂

    Congrats on five years!


  2. Glad you had such a great trip! I can only imagine how exhausting it was setting up and breaking down camp that many times, but wow, you got to see a lot of awesome places! I haven't been down in that corner of CO since 1997 and I miss it! It's fun traveling vicariously through friends' blogs! Thanks for the recap of your trip and happy 5th anniversary!


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