The longer we camp, the more adventurous we get with our food options. It used to be hot dogs and s’mores. The end. Maybe if I was feeling crazy we’d have potato chips as well. But we’ve since evolved our camping cuisine and last week we hit an all time home run.

I baked chocolate chip cookies before we left for our anniversary trip. I also got all the standard s’more stuff. It took me a solid 8 days before it dawned on me to combine the two. Enter, the S’morekie. I’ve outlined detailed instructions for creating such a complicated dessert. =)

1) Get 2 cookies & a marshmallow

 2)Toast your marshmallow

 3) Accidentally burn your marshmallow because you were distracted by your husband taking so many pictures of you

 3) Make your husband eat the burned marshmallow =)

 4) Repeat step 2! This time, don’t burn the marshmallow!

 5) Put the marshmallow between the 2 cookies

 6) Blissful surprise at the deliciousness you’re tasting


Viola! That’s all there is to it. I know, I know, my culinary expertise is a thing to behold. =) David decided to get crazy with his s’mores and use a Reese’s cup instead of plain chocolate. It looked yummy!

 And I think it’s pretty clear that he enjoyed it….=)


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