Little Blessings

This week has been packed full of little blessings and I’ve been on cloud 9 the whole time! I LOVE having a good week where you can see God’s blessings!

First, things with my business are going SO well for next year! I’m taking less weddings, which brings me so much peace, I can hardly describe it. And I recently decided to promote my 2nd shooter, Andrea, to associate photographer. So she is going to start taking the role of primary photographer for a few weddings next year while still working under my business. Basically, she shoots the wedding, I edit it and we split the commission 50/50. Pretty sweet deal! We have booked 3 weddings for her in the last 10 days, which is HUGE! YAY!

Then I got to take some pictures for Mindy, a wonderful friend of mine who just had a little baby girl. What fun to get to photograph such a precious gift! Then, my dear friend Jenn brought me some peanut butter fudge brownies. They were so stinking good! I’m ashamed to admit that David and I demolished them in 48 hours flat. Ha!

Then I got a call from the hiring manager at the hospital near me. They got my job application and wanted to schedule an interview with me on Monday! Woohoooo! I have no idea if I’ll like the job, or want to take it, or if they’ll even offer it to me, but it’s so encouraging to get an interview! The position is for a patient admitting representative…not 100% sure what all that entails…we shall see!

And then one of the greatest things ever happened. My accountant emailed me last night after I sent her my third quarter business numbers and she said that I’ve done so well at paying my massive amount of taxes, that I can cut back a little bit through the end of the year. The amount I get to cut back every month winds up being about $2,000 by the end of the year, which is such a BLESSING! I practically cried when I read her email. I have been so incredible disheartened by this tax fiasco. It has felt like a black hole I can’t climb out of. So even though I still owe a ton of money, I feel like I can start to see the end of the black hole. Sweet!

And then there are the really little tiny blessings that have happened….like David running to 7-11 to buy me Coke (I’ve totally been craving coke lately) and figuring out how to install smiley faces on my iPhone’s iMessage, making a recipe that turned out well, discovering a gift card to a restaurant so we could go out to dinner one night this week, a really encouraging ultrasound appointment, having a couple shoots go well this week, and of course, the pumpkin spice latte I got yesterday morning on my way to photograph a wedding in the mountains with David. =)

I’m so incredibly grateful for these blessings, big and small!


3 thoughts on “Little Blessings

  1. All of those little blessings just sound so GRAND! Glad you had a good week and so glad things are looking up! Good luck with your upcoming interview and all your other endeavors! Glad things are shaping up well for next wedding season! 🙂 Continuing to keep you in prayer! 🙂


  2. P.S. Can you tell I'm a little bit excited? I just realized that every sentence in my comment ended with exclamation points…oh, and I am looking forward to trying out iMessage, once I update my IOS. Maybe you can fill me in next time I see you?


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