My Best Friend’s Wedding

My best friend got married! Caitlin met Victor when she lived in Mexico a few years ago. They were friends for a long time and eventually she moved back to the US. He started calling her a lot, professing his love for her. Eventually they started dating and got engaged! The wedding was planned in a few short months and before I knew it, David and I were on a plane bound for Veracruz, Mexico with 5 of our close friends from CO.

Unfortunately, Veracruz has been in the spotlight recently for it’s trouble with the drug cartel in Mexico. There has been a string of violence and murder in the region…so we were a little apprehensive about going. Even just a month ago, Caitlin wasn’t sure the wedding would even happen because things had been so dangerous down there. But thankfully, things have calmed down a little bit and we were able to go down.

Holy moly, what an awesome couple of days. It was a whirlwind of activity, but it was absolutely glorious! I’m still on Cloud 9 from all the joy and love that surrounded us.

We stayed in Xalapa, the town where Victor is from and where they got married. We stayed in a beautiful boutique hotel, ate delicious food, and had an awesome time. It was a tornado of make-up, hairspray, bumpy car rides, crazy weather, bug bites, blisters, love, laughter and wonderful memories.

The wedding was on Saturday and it ended pretty late. We were in bed by 1am, only to wake up at 4am to head out for the airport. We’re home now, and completely exhausted, but so incredibly grateful for such an incredible trip!

 Heading over to Veracruz on our teeny tiny little plane!
 Me with some of my dearest friends, Laura, Jen, Emily & Elsbeth at the airport in Veracruz
 Caitlin and Victor!
 Our beautiful hotel

About to head out for Caitlin and Victor’s civil ceremony. In Mexico, you get married at the court house the day before your big wedding celebration.

 After the civil ceremony, we walked around town and then had a little lunch to celebrate

 After lunch, we went to this incredible waterfall to sight see. You had to walk across this crazy high bridge to get over by the waterfall. It was raining and misty and absolutely beautiful!

We were up early the next day for the big wedding celebration. I was a bridesmaid in the wedding, so we had to be ready to go pretty early. This was the final version of how my hair turned out. Love the peacock feather and all the braids!

 I wasn’t the official photographer since I was a bridesmaid, but Caitlin did ask me to take some pictures of her and Victor before the wedding began. What an honor! We went to the botanic gardens in Xalapa, which was beautiful!
One of my favorite pictures from our little photo shoot!
Mexican weddings are notorious for not starting on time. So we had lots of fun hanging out with friends, taking pictures and being silly

 Caitlin being her usual goofy self
The reception was so much fun! We got to sit at a table with all our friends. Dinner was fantastic, the tres leches cake was even better! There were beautiful toasts, and a whole lotta dancing too! 

Who knows…
Here’s a little video David took as Caitlin and Victor left…I was really excited about my kazoo! =)


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