ThanksBirthdayGiving Week

This past week has been sooooo wonderful! David and my birthdays are only 2 days apart and they both fall during the week of Thanksgiving, so fun! Sometimes one of our birthdays is on Thanksgiving and I have to say, I kinda love eating birthday cake after eating turkey. =) So I affectionately call this week ThanksBirthdayGiving week.

David took this whole week off and we spent it celebrating, relaxing and having fun!

Last weekend, I had a wedding down in Colorado Springs. When I was finished, I was so ready to go home. I was tired and we had several hours in the car ahead of us before we got home. So when David started driving into downtown Colorado Springs, claiming he wanted some food, I got annoyed. “Um, can’t we just pick up some Chipotle and be done with it?!” We wound up in some underground parking garage. I thought we were going to park and wander around in the freezing wind at 10pm aimlessly looking for a place to eat. And I just wanted to go home. To say I was annoyed was an understatement. Little did I know….David had a big early birthday surprise for me! He reserved a room at a beautiful hotel downtown and made reservations at the Melting Pot, a wonderful fondue restaurant for us! I was SO surprised!  I’m not easy to surprise and the last time he got me this good was 6 years ago when he proposed! I spent a decent amount of time apologizing for getting annoyed and not trusting him haha!

We had a fun night eating yummy food and enjoying the beautiful views from our room. The next day we sat in the hot tub and then headed out for a hike nearby.

The view from our room, so pretty!
 Colorado Springs is the only town in CO w/ Dunkin Doughnuts (which I adore), so David surprised me with a stop there on our way to hike at Red Rock Canyon. Yum!

Red Rock Canyon is so pretty!
Then it was Thanksgiving, which was wonderful. We all got together at my mom’s house and had a huge feast! We had 6 pies and almost a gallon of whip cream….things got a little out of control haha!

Me and my little sis making our gallon of whipped cream!

 Then it was David’s birthday! We went out to lunch and saw a movie with his parents, so fun!

 Then we had dinner at a brazilian steakhouse, which was so good!

I got David Radiohead tickets for his birthday present and I was so incredibly excited that I got them that I let the cat out of the bag a few weeks ago. Seriously, Radiohead tours like every 6 years and their concert sold out in less than 2 minutes! So you can understand why I couldn’t contain my excitement! So all David got from me was a card on his birthday =)

 The day in between our birthdays, we set out to find a Christmas tree. I am SO excited to celebrate our very first Christmas in our new home! I really hoped we could find the perfect tree, and we found it! I’ve haven’t had a real tree since I was about 12, and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to buy, bring home and set up! We got everything set up without a single problem…..until 4:30am on my birthday when we woke up to the sound of a loud crash and breaking glass. We went downstairs to find our poor little tree had fallen over and crushed some of my favorite ornaments. =( So we spent the better part of an hour picking up glass and trying to dry our carpet since all the water spilled. Not a great way to start my birthday!

Pretty! David did a great job hanging lights!

 Then it was my birthday! I share my birthday with David’s mom, which is so fun, I love celebrating 3 birthdays in 48 hours! We went  out to lunch, watched the Broncos game, ate cake and had a great time! And Tim Tebow must of known it was our birthdays because he pulled out an awesome win in OT, yay!

 I accidentally set one of my favorite pot holders on fire the other week, I was happy to get a new one covered in cupcakes to replace it! =)

At the end of the night, David and my father in-law performed Christmas Tree surgery in our living room. It was a mess of sawdust, tree limbs and saws, but I’m pretty sure our tree will stay standing until Christmas haha!


4 thoughts on “ThanksBirthdayGiving Week

  1. Great job David! I'm so glad he surprised you.
    What a fun night-actually, what a fun week! Looks like a great time. 🙂
    Sorry you lost some ornaments. I hope they weren't too precious to you.
    Your Christmas decorations look fabulous!


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