David and I have some dear friends of ours who also happen to be photographers. They’re a husband & wife team and they’re super talented! The wife actually photographed our wedding 5 years ago, it was her first one! She and I both started our photography businesses around the same time, it’s been so cool to encourage each other along the way and celebrate success and growth together.

David came up with the brilliant idea of dong a photo swap with our friends. They’re professional photographers, I’m a professional photographer…so why not take pictures of each other! So each year we’re going to get together and do a mini photo shoot. This was our first year and it was a huge success despite unfortunate timing. We had to reschedule our shoot SIX times due to snow and illness. But we finally met up and had a good time!

I think I might even use one of these for a Christmas card picture. Ahem, in 5 years of marriage, I have yet to send out a Christmas card..but I’m thinking 2011 will be our year to finally do it!

I’m so glad we did these pictures, I think it is so important to have good pictures done every now and then to document your life.Β Here are a couple pics!


5 thoughts on “Pictures!

  1. These are GREAT! You and David make such a cute couple!
    I love that I can see you laughing in some of these.
    My favorites are the two black and white ones.
    You should totally send out cards this year. πŸ™‚


  2. P.S. I just want you to know that I'm praying for you and I'll be praying for your surgery on Monday. I have NOT given up hoping for you and David!
    Love you friend, and I love your honest, beautiful post below.


  3. Oh, Becky, they are wonderful! You guys do a good job in front of the lens as well-you both look so relaxed and happy! After a mostly unsuccessful family photo shoot with my mom as photographer over Thanksgiving, Mark has finally conceded that we need to bite the bullet and pay you for your ever-so-talented skills next time we want family pictures taken. I was over the moon! πŸ™‚


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