Wow these past few days have been an absolute blur. Ever since surgery, the days and nights just seems to blend together. Maybe it’s the crazy pain killers or maybe it’s the extra dose of anesthesia I got, but goodness I’ve been so out of it this week!

I thought I’d do a little update on how surgery went. The most nerve-wracking part was sitting in the hospital bed, watching the minute hand on the clock get closer and closer to surgery time. David did a great job of distracting me with funny stories and jokes. I was laughing so hard, I must have really annoyed some of the other patients in the surgery center. Haha!

Once I was in the operating room, things get a little fuzzy. I remember there being like 6 different doctors and nurses standing over me and lots of really bright lights. My vision got blurry and the next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room. They wouldn’t let David come see me until I was “fully” awake, which was bummer because it took me 2 hours to become somewhat coherent. And I was pretty much by myself the entire time, =(

Dr. B talked with David really briefly after surgery and quasi-explained everything they did. It sounds like they did find some mild endometriosis, which he fixed. There was also some scar tissue, which they removed. They did a repeat HSG, which showed my tubes to be in great shape. And they did another hysterscopy with a D&C to get some tissue samples for a biopsy. So far, that’s all the info we have. I have a post-op appointment on Monday, so hopefully we’ll get a little more info about how everything went.

So far, I have been home recovering slowly. David has been incredible! He’s been so attentive to me and making sure I’m ok, taking my meds, refilling water bottles, and bringing me ice cream. I love that husband of mine! The pain comes and goes, I’ve pretty much been laid up the entire time. Supposedly, full recovery for a laparoscopy is about 10-14 days or so. But tack on a hysterscopy, D&C, and HSG onto that, and I think I’ve got a long road ahead of me.

We have also been SO blessed by friends and family who have prayed for us, sent encouraging emails, stopped by with meals, magazines, cupcakes and other yummy treats. David is going to gain 10 pounds in no time! We are seriously so grateful for everyone’s help and support! And I’ve had 2 little furry helpers that try so very hard to make me feel better….=)

Good grief I look terrible! Well, I guess that’s to be expected…but still, yikes!


2 thoughts on “Recovering

  1. I love how David takes care of you. You can tell how much he loves you. 🙂
    I love the picture of you with your cats. They seem to be concerned too.
    As I've said before, we are praying for your recovery. We pray even more that all of this will be well worth the wait and that you'll get to be a mommy soon. 🙂


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