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Good news! I think I’m starting to like photography again! 🙂

First, I’ve had 2 shoots with clients go really really well. I prayed before both of them, asking for creativity, inspiration, the ability to see my clients the way God sees them. And at both shoots I found myself relaxed, happy and excited over the images I was taking. Both shoots, I left thinking “I wish the sun would stay up longer, this was so fun, I wish I had another 30 minutes or so to shoot!” Whaaaaat?! I haven’t thought like that in probably 18 months. I usually can’t wait to end the shoot and go home.

Then the other day, I had a really strong urge to start a personal photography project. So I packed up the car and headed out for a full day of shooting…just for fun. Whaaaat?! I haven’t done that in probably 3 years or so. And not only did I really like the images, but I had a lot of fun taking them.

I don’t know what God is doing in my heart, but I like it! I certainly don’t think that I’m “cured” from my artistic burnout, but I do feel some changes in my heart. Thank you Jesus!!!

Here are 3 of my favorite images that I’ve taken over the last week or two.

 I snapped this the other day, driving home. Colorado is so beautiful!


5 thoughts on “3 favorites

  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos.
    I love your photography too. Always have.
    I know it makes a big difference to actually enjoy what you're doing though so I am SO glad that your inspiration and joy is coming back.
    Aren't we SO blessed to live in Colorado?!


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