IUI update!

Today’s monitoring appointment went really well! It looks like I have responded really well to the Menopur, which I am so happy about (I can think of nothing worse than dropping $600 on medication that you don’t respond to!). It looks like there are 3 follicles developing at the same size, so we should have 3 eggs released after I get a hcg trigger shot on Sunday. My nurse said everything looked “perfect” today, so hopefully things will continue to go well!

After a little research, I came across a few interesting IUI stats (these are numbers for women diagnosed with unexplained IF who have been trying for at least 1 year):

  • Trying naturally has a 1.3-4.1% chance of working
  • IUI with no medication has a 3.8% chance of working
  • IUI with Clomid has an 8.3% chance of working
  • IUI with injectable medication (like Menopur) has a 17.1% chance of working
  • If you have multiple eggs, the chances can get as high as 26% of working

So based on my super-scientific (ha!) research, it looks like we’re in the 17.1%-26% chance group. Yeah! I’ll take those numbers over 2% any day. πŸ˜‰

Β For now, it looks like IUI 1.1 will be on Monday and 1.2 will be on Tuesday. Cross your fingers! =)


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