From my junior year in college until right before I got married, I worked as a research assistant/project coordinator for the University of Colorado. My job was basically to travel around the US, interviewing moms and families who had been involved with the study. I spent the better part of 150+ days traveling each year. I got to see so many fun places and met so many different people. I wracked up frequent flyer miles like there was no tomorrow. So many so that I was able to get free airline tickets to Aruba for our honeymoon, sweet!

I became pretty dang good at traveling. I always had a detailed trip itinerary, maps & directions (this was before the days of gps on your iPhone haha!), hotel confirmations, lists of good restaurants in each town….I did everything possible to make sure each trip went smoothly and according to plan.

But every now and then, I got delayed. Delays at the airport were the most common. Flights were grounded due to weather. Pilots were late from their last flight. Mechanical problems held up my precious on-time departure.

I remember one time, I had a 30 minute delay for my flight into Oklahoma City due to weather in OK. I was annoyed. I was late. I couldn’t understand why we couldn’t just fly around the bad weather in OK and still land safely. Eventually the flight took off and we landed in Oklahoma City. I got in my rental car and took off for a small town about 2 hours away.

The clouds ahead on the horizon were black. There was definitely a nasty storm ahead, it was probably the one that delayed my flight! As I was driving on this 2 lane country highway deeper and deeper into the middle of nowhere, the radio in my car had suddenly cut out. It just stopped working. I also started to notice quite a bit of debris on the road I was driving. Fence posts, tree branches, grass, trash etc.

Eventually I came into town and checked into my hotel. The front desk clerk asked me which way I had come in to town. I told her I had come in on the 2 lane hwy just east of town. She looked at me with wide eyes and said “Oh girl, you are lucky. A tornado touched down on that highway just 30 minutes ago. It took out the radio tower and half of the Johnson farm. Someone was looking out for you today.”

If my flight hadn’t been delayed, I probably would have been driving on that stretch of county highway when the tornado had touched down. Indeed, SomeOne was looking out for me that day.

Sometimes I wonder if God isn’t doing a similar thing when it comes to us starting a family. Not that we’d be struck by a tornado or some other calamity if we had gotten pregnant right away, but I can’t help but wonder….what if He is protecting us from something while we wait? I have no idea what He could be protecting us from. Who knows. But I have had this little thought in the back of my mind lately..what if this little delay in our plans is actually for the best?

I know there have been blessings within this delay of ours. I know for sure He’s used this time to strengthen my marriage. David and I are so rock solid right now, we’re unbreakable. We were strong before, but we are infinitely closer and stronger now having walked this road. I also know He has used this time to help me grow my photography business to the point of being a sustainable source of income for me without having to work myself into the ground for it. I know that He helped us get this amazing little house of ours while we’ve waited. And He’s given David His dream job too. Not to mention all the different ways He’s been shaping our character and maturing us through perseverance.

All these things make me realize how often I forget that He indeed is in control of every little detail of my life. He has every day under control. He knows the timing of all the events in my life, including when we will have a family. Up until now, every piece of my life has fallen beautifully into place. Who am I to say that this little delay of our isn’t in our best interest? I have no idea what is ahead for us, but God does. And for now, I’m feeling thankful for this delay so that He can work out the timing of all the future blessings in my life.

But if we look forward to something we don’t yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently- Romans 8:25


4 thoughts on “Delayed

  1. I am so glad we are kind of cycling together 🙂 because every time I am down in the dumps and feel like I don't want to keep doing this, I read your posts and they make me feel like I can!! Thinking of you…


  2. What a beautiful post Becky! Your attitude and outlook is so positive and encouraging. It touches me and reminds me of how my attitude SHOULD be considering I am a Christian that has hope in Christ. In all circumstances. Thank you for sharing this, and like Mindy said, thank God for saving you from that Tornado.


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