Pink Box

I came home from the gym today and saw a pink box sitting on my front door step. I didn’t recall ordering anything, so I was a little confused. It was addressed to me, so I took it in and opened it. The packing slip was from Birchbox and said that the billing address was for my sister, but for some reason the shipping address was my address. So I called my sister to tell her about the mix up and to see if we could meet up so I could give it to her.

Before I could really even get the words out, she said “Beck, it’s for you. I know you guys are going through a hard time right now and I wanted you to have something to make you smile every month.” Immediately, I felt the tears welling up. And the smile across my face. And before I knew it, I was jumping up and down yelling “Yay! My own Birchbox!! SO FUN!”

Umm…Best. Sister. Ever. She just gets it. She gets me and she always knows the right thing to say or do, no matter what.

I’ve had my eye on Birchbox for a while now. If you don’t know what it is, basically it’s a company that sends you a box every month, full of little goodies. Most of it is samples of really nice make-up, hair products, lotion, nail polish etc. You never know what you’re going to get, so it’s always a fun surprise! It’s an awesome way to try out new products. Plus, if you find something you love and can’t live without, you can order it from the Birchbox site. YAY! SO FUN!!!

I can’t think of a gift that I could possibly want anymore than this. A pink box that shows up on my doorstep every month full of fun girly stuff is exactly what I needed, I just didn’t know I needed it until I got it. What a blessing! Jenny knows that I LOVE make-up, skin care products, perfume… all of it. She also knows we don’t have the money for me to be buying all sorts of stuff like that. So getting me a subscription to Birchbox was the perfect idea. Seriously perfect.

So I opened it up and more shouts of joy followed. I got so much cool stuff! Here’s a little list of what I got this month:
-Stila eye shadow and liner
-Viva La Juicy perfume
-Deborah Lippmann nail polish remover mits
-Yur-Be moisturizing cream
-Erno Laszlo soap
-Sticky straps to help your bra strap stick to your tank top sleeve

I got really excited and decided to try out a few things before my date with David at the dollar theater (yeah, that’s how we roll on date nights. Dollar theater and some BBQ. Classy). I tried out my new eye shadow and I LOVE it!! The liner was really good too, though not as dark as I typically like. And I tried a splash of my new perfume. Mmmm it smells sooooo good!

And that concludes my story behind the pink box that showed up on my doorstep. And just because I can, I thought I’d include a picture of my sweet sister. This is one of my favorite pictures of her!


5 thoughts on “Pink Box

  1. Aww, what a sweet sister. There's nobody that gets us like sisters, is there?
    I've never heard of Birchbox but you definitely have me curious about it.
    Your new eyeshadow looks beautiful on you!


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