Humble Pie

God recently decided it was time that I get a lesson in being more humble. I’m not the most prideful person that ever walked this earth, but I’m certainly not at the bottom of the list either. My biggest area of struggle has been thinking that I know better than anyone else (God included) how to run my life. I have tried to take control of just about anything I can get my hands on. From trying to get pregnant to running a business to finances to relationships…I pretty much thought I had it all figured out. Not only did I think I have it all figured out, but I thought I’m so good at life that I should probably just teach a class on how to do things my way, the right way.

God has been in the process of breaking me of that mentality over the past few weeks. If there is an area in my life where I could be remotely prideful, God has swooped in with a big ole’ spoonful of humble pie for me to eat. And He hasn’t stop with just a piece. I’ve eaten a whole entire humble pies. Day after day. And just when I thought I was done, God whacked me over the head with the spoon just to make sure I got the message.

I get it God!!! Loud and clear my friend, loud and clear.

These past few weeks have been so incredibly humbling. But in a good way. In a broken and beaten down way, but in a good way. Through a series of difficult events, I’m slowly learning that I am most certainly not in control. I’m beginning to add a whole lot of “If it is Your will, Lord…” to my prayers. Trying to pridefully control every aspect of my life was exhausting. Life is so much easier when I am able to humbly surrender the different areas of my life to Him.

Since God began this process, I have started to see the beauty in humility. Humility is an amazing character trait, one that I’m striving for more and more. And it offers pretty rich rewards as well.

The humble are:
forgiven ….. 2 Chronicles 7:14
rescued ……Psalm 18:27
able to do the right thing …..Psalm 25:9
able to see God working …..Psalm 69:32
cared for by God …..Psalm 138:6
supported by God …..Psalm 147:6
crowned with victory …..Psalm 149:4
given grace …..Proverbs 3:34
wise …..Proverbs 11:2
honored …..Proverbs 29:23
filled with fresh joy …..Isaiah 29:19
restored …..Isaiah 57:15
blessed …..Isaiah 66:2
will inherit the earth …..Matthew 5:5
the greatest in the Kingdom …..Matthew 18:4
exalted ….. Matthew 23:12
favored by God …..James 4:6
lifted up …..James 4:10

Wow that’s quite an amazing list. If staying humble allows me to experience all of those things, I’ll happily keep eating this pie.


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