Random Updates

It feels like a nice time to post a randome bullet point blog. This is quickly becoming my favorite way to blog. Especially when my brain is only functioning at about 47.3% capacity. Like now. 😉

  • Tomorrow is officially my 1 month anniversary of working at my new job. I feel like I am just now starting to feel comfortable with everything. I haven’t screwed up too bad, I’m getting to know my coworkers, feeling more comfortable working on my own. With my first month’s paycheck, we decided to splurge and buy…..window well covers. Thrilling, I know.
  • I used to go to the gym every day, but now that I’m up at 6 for work, morning workouts aren’t really happening. So I decided to start running again. A few years ago I did the C25K program and got pretty good at running. And by pretty good, I mean that I was able to run for 30 minutes without passing out, hitching a ride home, calling David to pick me up or crying. Well, I still cried, just not as much. I am soooo not a runner, so being able to run 3 miles was a pretty big deal. I’m happy to report I was able to pick back up relatively easily. I’m not up to 3 miles yet, but I’m getting there! 
  • I’m still trying to balance everything going on in my life right now between my job, my business and my personal life. I’m not so sure I’ve done a stellar job so far. I have worked no less than 45 hours each week, with the average being around 60 hours or so. Believe it or not, I’ve had busier times in my life (hellooo grad school+2 jobs+ commuting 5 days/week. Blech) so I know I can do this, I’m just a little out of practice. I have a lot of balls that I’m juggling and I’m a little afraid that sooner or later, one is going to come crashing to the ground. 
  • We finally made a decision about our 6th anniversary trip this year! For a while we were thinking Canyonlands National Park and Moab, but we were just there in October and it’s still going to be pretty hot in September. So we thought about cooler locations within driving distance of us and we settled on Glacier National Park in Montana! I went when I was a little kid, but all I remember was getting food poisoning from KFC. Awesome. So I’m really looking forward to exploring it now that I’m an adult. Right now we’re just in the planning phase, we haven’t made any solid reservations because….
  • David has a second interview for a new job next week (we need to see how this goes before booking any solid reservations in Glacier)! Eeek!!! The newspaper industry is unstable at best and we’ve both kept our eyes open for another opportunities just in case. It’s smart to be on the lookout for other jobs when your current one isn’t super stable. So he applied for a job at a company based in WY, that happens to have a satellite office near us. 6 weeks after he applied, he was called in for an interview, which went well. We hadn’t heard anything for about 3 weeks and then today they contacted him to set up a 2nd interview. This time it’s with HR, “the boss” and lunch with coworkers. It seems really promising and we’re praying for God’s guidance and direction in this. It could be a really great opportunity, but we have a lot of thinking and praying to do!
  • Our break from fertility treatments has been extended through July and we’ll hopefully be able to do another IUI in August. It’s hard to believe we’ve been on a break since May! To be honest, I have loved this little break of ours! It has been so nice not to have to stab myself with needles every day or go to 45 Dr. appointments in 2 weeks. It’s a breath of fresh air that I think we both needed. But we’re excited for August to get here! 
  • My mom and sister and I are heading up to Steamboat Springs for a few days of girl time this weekend. Each year we go somewhere new and this year the destination is Steamboat. I really haven’t spent much time there, but I’m excited to check it out!  Hiking, shopping, enjoying the mountain air, hanging out with my fam….I can’t wait! 
Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! =)

3 thoughts on “Random Updates

  1. That little girl time break in Steamboat sounds wonderful, and probably just what you need!
    I'll be praying for David's 2nd interview. How exciting! You're not allowed to move though. 😉
    Although I'm sure it's stressful, I bet you're better at juggling all of your jobs than you think.
    I'm excited for August to get here too. 🙂


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