Survival Mode

Yesterday, we only had one doctor in clinic so my boss told me I could go home early if I wanted to. David just so happened to also get home early and for the the first time in a long time, we were both home at the same time for longer than one hour and I didn’t have any photo editing to do. We went for a walk and started talking about how life just feels really hard right now. David said it felt like we were operating in Survival Mode and I honestly couldn’t agree more.

Would y’all mind praying for us? 

We’re both absolutely exhausted and drained. It feels like we’re running on fumes right now. Essentially I’ve been working 60 hour weeks ever since I started my new part-time job. I’m doing a really crumby job at balancing the part-time job with my business and also being a good wife. I’m trying to take steps at my job to switch up my hours a bit to hopefully give me a little more time at home, so hopefully that will help. I have 6 more weeks of weddings and then hopefully things will slow down a little bit. But those 6 weeks are going to be hard if I don’t figure out a way to balance everything.

It’s so easy to think “well, just quit the job silly” but I need this job if we are going to pursue more fertility treatments (IUI#3 is in 2 weeks!) and I’m really trying to change the “things are hard, I’m just going to quit” mentality that I’ve had for so long. I really am grateful for this job, I just wish I was doing a better job at balancing it with everything else. So, we would greatly appreciate prayers for strength, endurance and grace right now while we try to hang onto our sanity for dear life. And now if you’ll excuse me, I have a 13 hour wedding day ahead of me…


4 thoughts on “Survival Mode

  1. I absolutely will keep you in my prayers! I totally understand the feeling. It's like you can't keep your head above water but there's nothing to “cut back” on. We're just beginning fertility treatments from a specialist, so none of it is covered by insurance. So I understand your need for a part-time job… I probably need one too. =)

    I'm sorry things are so rough but I know His grace is sufficient. Beth Moore said we have to ask for it daily, like the Israelites gathered their manna daily. God always provided enough for one day, never more and never less. I'm praying He will guide you and David both through this journey and bring you to the Promised Land! Don't give up hope!!!


  2. We just prayed for you guys this morning at bible study. I'm sorry that things are so hard right now and you are feeling pulled in so many directions. I hope you have reason to cut back on a few things soon =)
    We missed your smiling face this morning!


  3. Oh, this whole thing is so tough…sometimes living in survival mode is the only way to get through it, for a little while anyways…things will get better, hang in there


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