Steamboat Springs

It’s so hard to believe it was already a week ago that my mom, sister and I had our girl’s trip up in Steamboat Springs! Every year, we take a long weekend away and travel to a different spot. We started this little tradition after I got married and moved away from the area my mom and sister live in. We thought it would be a great way to relax and reconnect. So far, we’ve been to Durango, Snowmass, Jackson Hole and Crested Butte. Last weekend we added Steamboat Springs to the list of places.

None of us had really spent any time in Steamboat and I’m pretty sure my sister had never been there at all before. So we headed up and spent 3 wonderful days together. There was lots of laughing, hiking, card games, delicious meals at fun restaurants, conversation, walks on the river, shopping and driving through the mountains. I couldn’t ask for a better weekend away or people to spend it with!

Steamboat Springs is a really beautiful area, I wish we had more time to explore it! I loved the main street part of town, there were so many great restaurants and shops. This is definitely a place that I will come back to explore!

I took like 5 pictures the entire time…oops!

Love my little sis!

We drove through Rocky Mnt. National Park on our way home, so pretty!


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