The One Time I Got Pregnant

It’s hard to even know how to start this post. The last 48 hours have been such a blur. I guess I’ll just start from the beginning. It’s going to be a long one, so grab a cup of coffee and settle in….

I posted a while ago that we did a Hail Mary IUI, one that was timed poorly, David wasn’t even in the room with me for and neither of us felt positive about it. On August 20th, I had a negative pregnancy test and then AF started. Two pretty absolute signs that the IUI did not work.

On Tuesday, I started having some pretty severe abdominal pain. At first, I thought it was because I hadn’t eaten anything, so I had lunch and the pain went away for the rest of the day. On Wednesday, the pain came back with a vengeance. This time food didn’t help. I tried eating lunch with David and the pain just got worse. I went back to work to see if I could push through the pain until the end of the day.

I sit down at my desk and called the next patient over to me so that I can check them in. I look up and who is it that I see? Dr. B! He was checking in for an eye exam, soooo random. We made a little small talk while I was scanning in his insurance card and then right before he sat down, I said “I have a feeling I’ll be seeing you soon.” I have no idea why that popped out of my mouth,  especially because we were planning on not seeing him again for about 3-4 months, but it just came out.

Not even a minute after Dr. B was called back to have his eye exam, the pain in my abdomen became excruciating. I was doubled over in pain, it was absolutely awful. I also started bleeding, which was not normal at all since AF had just finished several days prior…not good sign at all. I called David and he thought I needed to go into Dr B’s office to see if they could help me. I got excused to leave work and we rushed over to Dr. B’s office to meet with 2 of the nurses there.

At this point, the pain had me in tears. They were concerned, we were concerned. So we began an ultrasound to see what was going on. The ultrasound was excruciating and lasted about 30 minutes as they looked at every nook and cranny to see if they could figure out what was going on.  Neither of them would give me an answer as to what they though was going on, they just kept jotting down notes. Twice I heard one nurse whisper “pregnancy test” to the other nurse.  Then they both turned to me and said “we’re going to page Dr. B out of his eye exam and have him come here immediately. In the meantime, can you please take a pregnancy test?” “Ummmm, ok?” I responded,  “But I can pretty much guarantee you that I’m not pregnant considering I had a negative test at home and then my period for 6 days, sooooo…..but whatever you think will help.”

Thankfully the office where Dr. B was, the office where I work is only 5 minutes away so Dr. B came in pretty quickly. He does a quick minute ultrasound. He looks at David and I, looks at the pregnancy test, looks at the ultrasound and says, “You’re pregnant. But it’s an ectopic pregnancy and you need to have surgery immediately because your tube has ruptured and you are bleeding interanlly, which can be fatal. We need to get you to the hospital right now.”

Let’s just pause there for a second.
In case you missed it, he said, “You’re pregnant.” As in, pregnant pregnant. As in, the 3rd IUI did work and it is possible for me to conceive. Oh my Lord how we have waited almost 3 years to know if it was even a possibility. And now we know. It can happen, it did happen, there’s a chance it could happen again. Hallelujah!

We were rushed out of his office and to the hospital which was thankfully only 3 blocks away so we got there in about 2 minutes.

The emergency room surgery staff was waiting for me when I arrived and immediately I was on a hospital bed getting blood drawn, signing consent forms, getting hooked up to machines and IVs, answering questions, talking to anesthesiologists, signing more forms and kissing David goodbye as they rushed me into the operating room. At one point, they were literally running while pushing me through the halls of the hospital.

The pain at this point was mind-numbing. I couldn’t see straight it was so bad. They started me on a morphine drip, so my memory of actually going into surgery is hazy at best.

I woke up to David hugging me and then sound of Dr. B’s voice. He told me that he had to remove my left tube and that we lost the baby.

He said my tube had swollen to 5 times the normal size and there was a lot of internal bleeding in my abdomen and he just felt like he couldn’t safely allow me to keep the tube without it posing a threat to me.

We also learned that my left lung had collapsed during surgery due to the intubation not going very well. Essentially the anesthesiologist didn’t put the tube into my left lung correctly to help it inflate and breathe, so it just collapsed on itself. I woke up, feeling like I was drowning because there was so much fluid trapped in my lung. My pulse-ox dropped into the low 80s and the nursing staff seemed pretty worried about this.

Around 1am they decided I could go home. The doctors determined I needed to stay on oxygen at home as well since my risk for pneumonia was high due to my lung being filled with fluid. So we had an in-home health care company come to our house to set up an oxygen system for me around 3am and right now we’re just keeping an eye on things, making sure I’m breathing well and I don’t develop any symptoms of pneumonia.

I feel much better after this surgery than I did after my surgery in December. Thankfully, aside from a messed up lung, I didn’t have any horrific reaction to the anesthesia this time, which has allowed me to stay pretty clear headed. I haven’t had any memory loss or out of body experiences like last time (thank you Jesus!).

I feel like at this point, neither of us have really been able to process everything that has been thrown at us in the last few days. We’ve just been in survival mode…making sure I’m breathing ok, making sure I’m taking pain pills on time and making sure the kitties don’t try to jump on my stomach when they try to snuggle with me. 😉 For now, we’re justing taking things one day at a time.

We snapped this right before surgery. It’s officially the only picture I have of me, pregnant and I wanted to remember that moment just in case it takes me another 3 years to get pregnant again. It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that I only knew for about 20 minutes that I was pregnant.

I don’t even have words to express how grateful we are for our family and friends in these past few days. Thank you for coming to the hospital. Thank you for the meals brought over for David, thank you for the flowers, the cards, the emails and texts. Thank you for going on coffee runs for poor David as he spends all his energy taking care of me. We are so blessed to have such amazing people by our side through such a tough time. We are so blessed, so very blessed! Thank you.


11 thoughts on “The One Time I Got Pregnant

  1. Oh my goodness! My jaw dropped when I read this post. I can't even imagine what the last couple days have been like for you! What a blessing to know you can get pregnant but I'm so sorry to hear that it was taken away so quickly and that you had to go through all of this! You both will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!


  2. Oh, no. I am SO sorry and I cannot believe this happened to you, and so unexpectedly. It is so scary and you are a trooper. I am so sorry for the loss of your pregnancy. Sending lots of hugs your way.


  3. omg. wow. I am so so sorry this has happened to you! And I am so sorry for the loss of your pregnancy, but I completely understand the feeling of at least KNOWING you can get pregnant! It's been 2.5 years for us and in the 33 years I've been alive I've NEVER had a bfp…so I always wonder…
    Anyways – prayers are being sent and I hope you are better soon!


  4. Becky, I am so sorry for what you went through! Your ever optimistic outlook is quite the inspiration. I have a draft email started for you that never got sent (long story), but I will send it soon. Love and hugs to you!


  5. Wow Becky! I'm so sorry that you went through that. Breaks my heart, you're such an amazingly strong woman. Praying for a quick recovery and that it WILL NOT take you 3 years to get pregnant again.


  6. Oh my god Becky I cannot believe all you went through I such a short period of time. As if everything you've been dealing with this last year wasn't enough, now this. You will get through this. Thinking of you and sending lots of love and healing thoughts your way…take care of yourself!!


  7. I am so sorry about the loss of your pregnancy and all of the other things you have been through in the last few days. I'll be praying for you and hope that your body heals quickly and that you can find hope in knowing that you CAN get pregnant!


  8. Oh goodness, sweetie! 😦 I am so sorry you had to go through this. I can't even imagine the rollercoaster of emotions.

    Thank goodness you caught it in time and the end result wasn't much worse. You are so inspiring…through that entire situation you learned that you CAN get pregnant and you WILL again!

    I pray for you often and will continue to do so!



  9. Wow, Becky! That must have been so scary, everything happening so fast, and especially when you “knew” you weren't pregnant. I'm so sorry you've had to go through this! But I know God is holding your little one in heaven. I'm so thankful the doctors caught it in time and that you're on the road to recovery. Take it easy. =)


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