Look at me go-2 posts in 2 days! I thought I’d post a little update on how the recovery is going since we’re a week out from the surgery.

I got off of oxygen 2 days ago (praise the Lord!) so I am officially free and clear from worrying about pneumonia. My primary care doctor said my lungs sound good, my pulse-ox was good, my blood pressure was still low but it was ok. So I’m thankful that at least that part of my recovery is over with!

Hahaha, I really wanted to throw my portable oxygen tank in the trash the other day. So. Over. Oxygen.

We had a post-op at Dr. B’s office yesterday which also went really well. Dr. B stuck his head in the room for a minute to shake our hands and basically say Hey! Just wanted to say I’m glad you’re alive, you can thank me later for saving your life! Kthxbai!” Then we spent some time going over things with one of his nurses, the one who actually did my initial ultrasound last Wednesday. I gave her a hug when I saw her, I was so thankful for everything she did to ensure my safety.

She said my incisions are healing well and I seem to be recovering quicker than my surgery last December…I guess practice makes perfect! She showed us some pictures of the surgery which were just surreal. I could hardly believe the size of my left tube and the amount of internal bleeding…it was absolutely nuts. Definitely not pictures we’ll be using for our Christmas card this year haha! 😉

We got to ask her a bunch of questions about how things will look moving forward. Essentially, we have a 50/50 shot at having a cycle cancelled or not each month, depending on if I ovulate from my left side or right side. If it’s on the left side, then we stop everything and wait until the next month. If it’s on the right side, then we can proceed with an IUI. We are not allowed to do any form of treatment until January, which is fine because we were planning on taking a break anyway. Lord knows we could use a break right about now!

She explained that although my right tube looks just fine, there is a chance that I could have an ectopic pregnancy again. Once you have one ectopic pregnancy, you’re at a higher risk for another. But rest assured we will certainly catch it early since we will always be doing blood pregnancy tests from now on. So even if I did have another ectopic pregnancy, we would most likely be able to avoid the disaster that happened last week. Believe me, the absolute last thing I want is to lose my right tube so I am going to be hypervigilant about making darn sure I know whether I’m pregnant or not at the end of a cycle.

For the most part, I’m feeling pretty good. I get light headed pretty quickly if I’m on my feet for too long or doing too much, so I’ve just been resting a lot. My kitties absolutely will not leave me alone, they are by my side every minute of every day making sure that I’m comfy. =)

Yesterday, David and I walked around our block, which was a pretty big accomplishment for me! We celebrated with a glass of wine on the patio. I think tomorrow we might even venture out into the mountains so I can sit next a river for a while and relax. Hey, if I can’t be in Montana right now, it’s the next best thing right?!

 I’m planning on returning to work next week and my boss has been so gracious about everything, all I have to do is say the word and she’ll let me go home if I’m not feeling well. Overall, I’m definitely on the up and up, feeling better with each day that passes and I hope to be back to 100% in the next week or 2. Thanks to everyone for their kind words, prayers and well wishes! =)


7 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Awww… you look like you're doing so much better!! I'm so glad to hear you're moving around, were able to get lots of answers from the doctor, and are celebrating and relaxing. It's so cool that they can catch ectopic pregnancies earlier on. What a relief! I'm praying the Lord will draw near to you both over the next few months as you take a break and seek Him more. May He bless you and restore your hope to a new height.


  2. Soo glad to see this post and those pictures! I would want to throw that oxygen tank away too. 😉
    I'm glad you got to have a lengthy discussion in Dr. B's office. I hope all of your questions were answered. I know you've been getting a mixed bag of good and bad news about where to go from here, but remember God is bigger! I'm staying optimistic for you and Dave, and as always, I'm praying for you!


  3. Hi. I'm here from Mel's LFCA where I saw you had an ectopic pregnancy. I'm really sorry. I know how it feels.

    I wondered if you were aware of the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust resource. It's a UK site but women from all round the world visit. There's heaps of information there on recovery and the future, and a messageboard for support and information. Pre-blogging, it helped me through my two ectopics. You can find it here. http://www.ectopic.org.uk

    I wish you well with your recovery.


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