Bullet Point Randomness

I think it’s time for another bullet point post. I’m operating at about 15% brain capacity right now, which is definitely not enough to compose an entire post!

  • Happy news first! My little sister is ENGAGED!!!!!!!! Her boyfriend proposed last night and she said YES! I’ve actually known for months that this was going to happen…I even got a sneak peek of the beautiful ring! It was soooo hard for me to not just spill the beans to my sister! I’m incredibly excited for them as they take this next step together. Let the wedding planning begin! 😉  My goal is to not totally overwhelm my poor sister with my abundance of ridiculous wedding knowledge. I just want to be supportive and helpful, just like she was for me when I was getting married. It is so nice to finally have some good news to celebrate! YAY!! 🙂
  • I’m tired. In every way possible, I’m so tired.
  • I’m hesitant to make any solid plans due to what happened the last time I planned a vacation, but it looks as if David and I are going to Telluride for 4 days this weekend….Lord willing and assuming there are no more emergency surgeries in my future. 😉 My associate photographer surprised David and I with a 4 day trip to anywhere in CO we wanted to go to. This was her way of thanking me for being a great boss, how cool is that?! What a blessing this is for us.
  • I feel like I’m about 95% recovered at this point. My only pain comes from laughing too hard…which unfortunately happens a lot. 😉
  • My recovery has been so so so much better and faster than my horrific “recovery” from surgery in December. I’m so thankful that I did not have to cancel on any of my clients or reschedule too many shoots. This kind of catapulted me back into real life a little too fast though, and I don’t think I’ve been dealing very well with it. I’m still very much in the midst of grief and trying to be a good wife and working 60 hours a week…not a great combo. 
  • We finally have all our hospital bills from my surgery. We could buy a small car with the amount we owe. Deep breathes. All I can say is that I am so thankful for the ways God provides when we trust in Him. And I am thankful for having a second job.
  • Speaking of second jobs. Have I mentioned that I’m tired? 
  • Speaking of tired. I had no idea it was even possible to function at the level of exhaustion I’m at. But I am happy to finally be winding down with the bulk of my busy photography season. I have one more wedding and just a handful of portrait sessions in the next few weeks, which sure beats the insane pace I’ve been working at lately. Now I will hopefully have a smidgen more time to rest and enjoy Fall.
  • Speaking of Fall, I’m really happy that it’s here. I hope it treats me a little better than Spring and Summer did. 
Ok, I think that’s about enough writing for this tired little brain of mine. I’ll leave you with a pictures I saw on Telluride’s Facebook page this week. We had some snow in the high country and combined with the changing leaves…I think David and I will have a beautiful weekend in Telluride!

3 thoughts on “Bullet Point Randomness

  1. That last picture is beyond gorgeous! I hope you two are able to enjoy your weekend away together and hopefully no emergency surgeries =)
    And CONGRATS to your sister!! That is SO exciting!!!


  2. I hope your time in Telluride brings all the peace, rest and relaxation you need. Rest up!
    How exciting about your sister! She is so lucky to have you as a sister when it comes to wedding knowledge. I bet you have a ton of great advice to offer. Congrats to her!


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