I can usually gauge how stressed out I am by how many nights I make dinner. I must be starting to adjust to my life with 2 jobs because I’ve actually managed to make dinner almost every night of the week now when I am home and not out at a photoshoot, which was next to impossible 3 months ago. Hooray for adjusting finally! Hooray for not eating frozen pizza every day! 😉

Lately I’ve been trying lots of recipes from Pinterest. I like getting recipes on Pinterest because most of them have been vouched for by others who have made it and swear it’s delicious. I also like it because I get pictures to go along with the recipes. I find it hard sometimes to just pull a recipe out of a cookbook without a picture…I guess I’m just visually oriented when it comes to food! I also like getting recipes from Pinterest because it makes my meal planning oh-so much easier for the week. I just zip through my recipe board and pull out a handful of recipes that look good, make my shopping list and off I go!

After I try a recipe, if it’s a keeper it will go on my “Tried and True” recipe board. Anything that David and I both love and that was worth the time it took to cook goes on this board. I’ve had a few friends ask me to post some of the good recipes I’ve tried lately, so here you go!

I made this for a Broncos game we hosted for family. It was very good! When I make it again, I’ll be sure to set aside some extra BBQ sauce because the sauce in the crockpot was rather thin after all the chicken was cooked. I served it with homemade coleslaw on top, which added a nice crunch to this soft sandwich.
A perfect recipe for a night when you want some comfort food. This was definitely a keeper!
Whoa mama this was delicious!! This was easy to make and made a TON of food. We easily got 3-4 meals out of it for the two of us, plus I was able to save 2 portions in the freezer for those nights when I get home late from a shoot and don’t have time to cook. If you only try one of these recipes I’m posting, let this be the one! And if you’re wondering, yes it’s calorie and fat free 😉
I have a deep rooted obsession for Bonefish Grill’s Bang Bang Shrimp. It is absolutely heavenly! I’ve only had it at the restaurant once, but it definitely made an impression. Since Bonefish is pricey and we rarely eat there, I went on the great hunt for a copycat recipe. This one is perfect! There’s a hefty amount of prep time while you batter and fry the shrimp, but the sauce is easy and the end result is perfection. We ate it over brown rice with veggies on the side. Yum!
This one is too easy and too good not to have as a regular meal in our house. It’s quick, yummy and helps you use up those half bags of stale tortilla chips. I also love this recipe because of how easily it is to change and adapt to what you need. I’ve done everything from adding salsa to using homemade chili to canned chili to just chili beans and tomato sauce and it all turns out great!
We eat a decent amount of salmon and this is one of the best recipes I’ve used so far. The sauce is just perfect!
I don’t even have words for how much we love this. We eat it frequently when we feel like we’re living to healthy and we need to take it down a notch. 😉 To be even more health conscious I’ll sometimes add Velveeta instead of cheddar. Ooooo the gooey goodness is almost too much to handle. This a great way to use leftover sloppy joe mix or if you run out of buns.  
So there you have a little insight into what’s been cooking inside our kitchen lately. I just gathered a bunch of yummy looking fall soup and stew recipes which I’m sure I’ll be sharing in the near future. Hope you’re all having a great week! 


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