Bullet Point Randomness

 It’s time for another installment for a bullet point post!

  • My HSG has been rescheduled for Friday. While I was looking forward to just getting it over and done with on Monday, I’m happy it’s on Friday because that means I get to take the afternoon off of work. 🙂
  • Grief has been catching up with me lately. Last week was probably the most I’ve cried in months. I don’t know if it’s the holidays or if it’s just been enough time for the shock of everything to wear off and the processing to begin… it’s just been hard. *sigh*
  • My last wedding of the year is done as of last week! My 2012 wedding season went incredibly well. I cut my workload in half, added an employee, traveled to some beautiful locations and had my most profitable year since starting my business 5 years ago. Woo! Plus, this was the first year that I didn’t hit the verge of burnout. I finished strong and I have a renewed passion for photography and running a successful business, thank you Jesus! I’m 100% booked up for 2013 weddings and my associate photographer is about 50%, yay! I am just feeling extra blessed to do this little job of mine. Ah, I’m so grateful!!!
  • David was asked to be the ski reporter this winter for his newspaper. He of course said YES, so each week he gets to go to a different ski resort and do a trip report. We’re working on getting me added as the official photographer…cross your fingers! How sweet would that be?! Free skiing all winter? Yes please! Today we went to Keystone. I worked in a little cafe while he skied (what can I say, I’m a brat and I don’t like pre-season skiing conditions. I’d rather sip hot chocolate in a lodge..haha!)

  • This weekend David told me he had a surprise. So we bundled up and headed out. We drove and drove, passing all the main areas I thought we could be going and we wound up at the AnheuserBusch brewery where the Clydesdales are wintering. It was Clydesdale Camera day! They get the horses all brushed and pretty looking, put a Christmas blanket on them and the public and come and get their picture taken with them. I was so excited! My dad worked for Budweiser, so I have a special place in my heart for the Clydesdales. They are such beautiful horses, such majestic animals. This was most definitely the highlight of my week. This one here is Manson 🙂

  • I ordered over 100 cookies from my friend Christine for my client’s Christmas gifts this year. They were such a hit! They’re absolutely incredible (to look at and eat!) and my clients adored them. How amazing are these?! If I’m being honest, I may have ordered a few extra just so I could eat them. I have no desire to do holiday baking this year, so I let Christine do it for me 😉

  • I’ve been on The Great Boot Hunt for the past few weeks. I fiiiiiinally found the perfect pair of brown boots and now I’m on the lookout for the perfect pair of black boots. I have a gift card to DSW and I’m been having major indecision issues. Too many cute boots! Which one do you like?


7 thoughts on “Bullet Point Randomness

  1. I've been praying extra hard for you since Saturday. I'm like you, I hate when the sadness last over an extended period of time. Hopefully being more proactive again will help things.
    I LOVE that picture with the Clydesdales, they are beautiful creatures!


  2. Praying for you and your TTC journey. My husband and I traveled a long, long journey ourselves (6 years), but our blessing(s) finally came. My heart goes out to anyone that travels the horrible IF road.

    Love the boots. . . especially the first pair!!!


  3. LOVE the boots! I'm on the hunt for some good boots too.
    Sorry to hear about your rough week. Although, sometimes I just need a good cry, it helps me deal with whatever I'm going through. I'm hoping your tears also brought healing.
    Yay for your passion returning with photography!! So happy to hear this.
    Praying for you 2 as always. I'll pray an extra prayer tomorrow for your HSG.


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