This and That

I decided to officially rename my Bullet Point Randomness posts “This & That” I don’t know why…it just felt like the right thing to do. 🙂

  • My sister found her wedding dress! My mom and I joined her for a full weekend of shopping, complete with brunches, mimosas and lots of ooooooing & aaahhhing. The way she found her dress was the exact way I found mine. She tried on the first dress, liked it alot. Then tried on a gazillion more dresses at a handful of other stores. Eventually, she put that very first dress back on….and it was The One! So funny that the same thing happened to me, we’re definitely sisters!
 I’m not going to post any pictures of the dress for the sake of keeping it a surprise, but here’s a little tiny glimpse of what it looks like…love me some bling 😉
This one was a close contender, but didn’t make the cut in the end
  • I went on my first ski trip of the year with David today. We headed up to Winter Park for our fun little assignment for his newspaper. We got free front row parking, 2 free lift tickets and free lunch! Woohooooo! The downside was that it was -10 degrees out. The windchill made it around -30ish. I’ve never skied in weather that cold, and I’ve skied a lot of cold days! But we still had fun and got some pretty pictures.

  • On Sunday, I got a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize and on the line was a voice I didn’t recognize. “Hi….this is a long shot. But my son just picked his girlfriend up from the airport and he is going to propose to her at dinner tonight. I live in CA and I just can’t stand the thought of not knowing what’s happening. Can I hire you to photograph the proposal?” Ummm, YES! So I ran over to the restaurant, chatted with the staff (who were all in on the surprise) and staked out a good spot where I could watch their table. David came with me and we enjoyed some cocktails and appetizers in an attempt to blend in. Once the couple was done with dinner, I knew it was about to happen! I ran back into the kitchen to take a picture of their dessert plate (complete with “Will You Marry Me?” written in chocolate syrup and the ring on top of the whipped cream!) and then followed the waiter as he placed the plate on their table. Her reaction was absolutely priceless, she was so surprised! After she said yes, they both kind of looked over at me like “who is this creepy lady taking pictures of us?!” I introduced myself and explained why I was there…they were both really surprised and happy when they learned that the groom’s mom had hired me (phew!). It was such an awesome experience!

  • So far, 2013 has been great! All 15 days have been glorious, which is way better than the first 15 days of 2012. We’ve had no illness, no drama, no stress…it’s been delightful! I love when you have moments in life, if for only 2 weeks, when everything is smooth sailing. I hope and pray the next 11 1/2 months are just as good!
  • We’ve been talking about our possible travel plans for 2013. We were completely travel deprived in 2012, aside from a quick trip to Telluride and Ride the Rockies. Traveling has always been a huge part of our relationship, ever since we first started dating. I miss it and I’m excited to plan some fun trips this year. David gets 3 whole beautiful weeks of vacation time this year, so we want to put it to good use! We’ve both agreed that a beach vacation is a must. I’ve also had this idea of doing a whiskey distillery tour through Kentucky too (random, I know). And maybe we’ll add something else in there too….can’t wait to start planning!
  • We’re gearing up to start IUI#4 in less than 2 weeks! Stay tuned for more thoughts on that….


9 thoughts on “This and That

  1. I'm still so in love with that idea to photograph a proposal. What a fun way to document it!
    And I completely agree about 2013 so far, nothing to complain about here and that's all I'm asking for this year. =)
    Praying for your IUI cycle, I bet you guys are anxious to get back to trying again.


  2. Hooray for a great start to the year! Excited for your next IUI. I'll be praying it's drama-free. I love the story about the engagement…they will be SO happy to have those amazing pictures!


  3. Yay for IUI # 4!! I've been bit by the travel bug too! We're planning an island trip for my April break (I'm a teacher). I can't wait!! Such a sweet assignment too! I bet it was fun being incognito and then springing on them like the paparazzi. How fun!!


  4. What a happy post! I'm glad that 2013 has been so wonderful for you already and I hope that even more wonderful things come your way all year. I'll be praying as the time for IUI #4 draws near. Hugs!


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