Not yet

Looks like our time has not yet come. Blood test results came back negative today….*heavy sigh* Disheartenment has settled in. It’s just like that quiet sad where your heart hurts and you blink slowly and you forget to eat lunch. Thankfully, experience has shown me that the sadness passes and there are brighter days ahead.


10 thoughts on “Not yet

  1. Tears fill my eyes and my heart aches for you and David. I am praying for you both. And I love the picture, try to focus with that attitude … your perfect baby will come and you are one step closer.


  2. Oh friend, my heart aches for you and David too.
    I also had high hopes that this was “the one”.
    I love your picture, it's perfect and you are getting closer to seeing your dreams come true.
    Keep your head up and trust that this is all part of God's plan. I believe it will happen. Praying as always. Love you!


  3. I, too, have a heavy heart after reading your post…praying for comfort and hope for you and David as you process the news and as you trust God for what He has in store for you, in His timing. As always, I admire your interminable hope!


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