Steamboat Springs

David and I had the BEST time in Steamboat Springs! The drive up there is absolutely gorgeous! We checked into our adorable little condo and found that it was just 70 yards from the gondola, score! Our first night, we walked around gondola square and explored the base of Steamboat. It’s such a cute little area full of restaurants, shops, bars, outdoor fireplaces and hotels. 
Then we stumbled upon my favorite thing ever…the Ice Castle! Each year the Ice Castle travels around Colorado for people to explore and this year it was in Steamboat. It’s absolutely amazing! It’s all man made, full of little tunnels, rooms with ceilings and walkways all made of ice! They work on it everyday, so it’s always changing and growing through the winter. It was so fun!
 This was the ceiling inside one of the rooms in the castle, beautiful!
They freeze LED lights in the ice and at night they light them all up. So pretty!
Monday we woke up to 13 inches of glorious snow on the ground. We ate a quick breakfast, grabbed our gear and headed out the door early. Apparently we weren’t the only ones excited about the infamous champagne powder that had fallen. Monday was a holiday, so there were a lot of people waiting to head up the mountain.
But the wait was worth it! We had some of the best skiing conditions we’ve ever experienced. The powder in Steamboat is so different from the other CO ski resorts. We probably skied over 20 runs in untouched powder, it was like a dream!
We skied open to close, so we were pretty darn tired by the end of the day! We had big plans for going into town for dinner….but wound up ordering in. So we ate pizza and Girl Scout cookies in bed while watching The Bachelor haha!

 By Tuesday, most of the crowds had headed home, so we had the slopes to ourselves for the most part.  We had blue skies all day, which was a nice change from all the grey skies and snow the day before. We spent the day exploring the rest of the resort and finding more stashes of powder skiing.


I was sad to leave, Steamboat Springs was one of the best ski trips I’ve ever taken. We are so blessed that David’s job allows us to have all these amazing ski trips and we are so stinking lucky to live where we do!


6 thoughts on “Steamboat Springs

  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Those pictures of the ice castle are incredible! Ordering pizza and watching The Bachelor sounds like a great evening to me. 🙂
    You're right, you guys are so blessed to have the jobs that you do, lots of fun and adventures have come from them.


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