The Desert

We needed to get out of town again in the worst way. Ever since our trip to Texas, we’ve been plotting our next little adventure. This time, we decided on Moab Utah for a little peace and relaxation in the desert! We’ve been to Moab several times, but we’ve never visited Canyonlands National Park, so that was our ultimate destination.

The last time we were in Moab together, we had grand plans for visiting Canyonlands. But then David had some buddies come into town and they talked him into a 25 mile mountain bike ride instead. And they talked me into shuttling them around to do it. Not exactly the way I had hoped our day would go! David felt a little guilty about the whole thing and promised me a trip back. So this was kind of “Becky’s trip” where he let me do whatever I wanted. Yipee! 🙂

We decided to camp during our stay there. Unfortunately, none of the campgrounds take reservations, so we just had to drive in blindly and hope we found a spot. Luckily, we came in on a Wednesday so it wasn’t too crowded and we found a beautiful camping spot that sat up on a little ridge and looked over part of the Park.

After we set up camp, we headed over to Gemini Bridges, which is a really cool spot! David had ridden over there and he said it was definitely a place to check out. He was right! Gemini Bridges is amazing and scary all at the same time. Essentially, it’s a bridge made out of rock with a few hundred feet drop on either side of it. Pretty cool!

Ha! I love how far away David is from the edge and he’s still doing the “flying leap” pose. I saw this pose several times on our trip 😉

The weather called for a 0% chance of rain and sunny skies. So of course we decided not to put our rainfly on over our tent. And of course, it started to rain around midnight our first night. That’s just our luck folks, just our luck. After a short and slightly wet night’s sleep, we got up early and headed into Canyonlands. The first day, we decided to explore the Island in the Sky District (there are 3 “districts” that are all about 2-6 hours away from each other in Canyonlands). We did about 5 or 6 short hikes and got to see some beautiful views!

 Mesa Arch was really cool! The buses full of European tourists were not! We even saw a drunk man climb on top of the arch to get a picture. He was absolutely obnoxious, yelling at everyone, telling everyone to “get out of his shot.” His legs were so wobbly and he lost his balance numerous times. I thought for sure we’d be seeing him plumet 1,000 feet to his death. But he lived. Doesn’t it always seem like the people who are the dumbest and rudest and least considerate wind up with no consequences in life? Not that I wanted the guy to die or anything, but maybe a little scraped knee wouldn’t hurt….ah, I digress.

Next stop was Upheaval Dome, which was a fun little 2 mile hike to a crazy looking crater that was most likely caused by a meteor.

The next day we stopped at a waterfall near Ken’s Lake. David took a quick shower in this waterfall after a long ride during his last biking trip to Moab a few weeks ago. He said that there’s a little goat that lives at the waterfall. Apparently, it ran away from it’s owner and now it lives at the waterfall where no one can get him. David saw the goat last time and wanted to take me there to see it (which should make sense to you now that you know about my complete obsession with farm animals)…but he was hiding in his little goat cave and wouldn’t come out for a pictures. 😦 So we headed on to the Needles District.

The Needles are pretty remote, about 2 hours from Moab and a good hour off of the main road. It was much less crowded here (no buses full of European tourists!) and it was definitely more our pace. We found a sweet little campsite a few miles from the Park. We spent the afternoon reading, snacking and napping.

Pretty sweet place at night!
Saturday we did a 6 mile hike to Chesler Park, which where the Needles are. It was a gorgeous hike!

 We got to hike through a pretty sweet slot canyon. It was only 3 feet wide, it was so cool to be in!!!

 After our hike, we decided to head back to town and see if we could grab a hotel room before making the drive back to Colorado. Sadly, all the hotel rooms were full in Moab (it’s a popular place to be!) so we drove a little ways into CO and snagged a room for the night.

Sunday, we grabbed some coffee and did a lovely 4 mile riverwalk along the Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon. It was so cool and peaceful and wonderful….I wish I were back there right now.

That’s it! The highlights from our wonderful trip to the desert. It was something we both badly needed. Being in God’s creation is so healing for us. It’s almost impossible for us to be in nature and to feel bad. It was a good trip for our marriage too since we got to spend so much quality time together. I lost count of how many awesome conversations we had. I can’t wait to go back! 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Desert

  1. Those pictures are beyond amazing, it's like you're a professional photographer or something. 😉
    You and David are an inspiration to us with making time to travel and spend quality time together. Looks like such a beautiful trip!


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