The Verdict

I’ve really been focused on having no regrets with this infertility journey. I want the 50 year old Becky to look at the 30 year Becky and say “good job girl, you covered all your bases. You did all you could do. No regrets.” I’ve never wanted to make irrational decisions based on emotion or not pursue a certain option because it was scary or inconvenient. I wanted to take infertility testing as far as possible, even if that meant surgery. I wanted to cover all of my bases with different combos of meds and treatments. I wanted to make sure we were diligent in our efforts to get to the bottom of all this. If they ever handed out awards for diligence, I think David and I would be top contenders! πŸ™‚

And I knew that I wanted to pursue a second opinion as well. To me, it was important to have a second opinion for peace of mind and clarity. I trust Dr. B 110% but as with any major medical problem, second opinions can be very valuable.

And so, after our consultation with Dr. B last week and our second opinion with a very well respected RE in Denver this week, the verdict is in. Both doctors concur that IVF would the best path for us, medically speaking, if we wanted a biological child.

Our consultation with Dr. B went really well last week. I felt like he answered all of our questions. He gave us lots of good advice and statistics. He talked very candidly and even went as far as to say “I’m telling you IVF is the next step. If I were you, if I were in your shoes, that’s what I would do.” He explained that whatever it was that caused my left tube to not function properly is most likely affecting my right tube as well. Unfortunately, moving to IVF would actually increase our chances for another ectopic pregnancy though. So while IVF might help us conceive again, it could also bring more heartache with it.

We walked into our appt. for our second opinion with no preconceived notions other than knowing we were meeting with a very well respected RE, one of the best in the state. We didn’t know what to expect or what he would say. Essentially, he said that he has looked at everything we’ve done, everything we’ve been through and agreed that IUIs are not our best option, IVF is. There was not one single thing he said differently from Dr. B in terms of what he would do or recommend for us. While the outcome is not what we had hoped, we are happy that we have confirmation and clarity from a medical perspective.

So that being said, Dr. B said we still have “decent” chances if we were to do one more IUI. If an IUI is going to work, statistically it will happen within the first 3. And if you happen to get pregnant, but lose the pregnancy, your chances “reset.” I got pregnant with IUI#3 last time, so this next IUI is kinda of like another IUI#3 (even though it will really be #6). Clear as mud? πŸ™‚

So, we decided that we’ll go ahead and do one more IUI next month. I have the meds and the statistics are still kind of in our favor. So, what do we have to lose? And then after that, we’ll just kind of take things slowly. Beginning with a loooooooooong break where we spend lots of time thinking, praying and seeking godly counsel. Thanks everyone for your kind words and prayers, they mean a lot to us as we move forward. We’re in uncharted territory right now and can use all the divine guidance as possible!


6 thoughts on “The Verdict

  1. We are here too. This is our 3rd IUI and we are praying for a BFP. We were told we can do one more IUI if it doesn't work but IVF is the next step. Deep breath. I hope it works for both of us!


  2. I am happy you feel at ease after getting another opinion…always a good choice! Feel free to follow along as we start our IVF journey this month!


  3. Hi there, Becky πŸ™‚ You stopped by my blog not too long ago, so I'm so happy to be able to visit you. What a beautiful place you have here! We too were diligent in pursuing and understanding everything as well as we could. Many IUIs finally led us to try IVF, but it was unsuccessful. Still, I'm glad we tried it. It really was an amazing experience–heartbreaking, yes–but amazing. I wish you the best as you start your IVF journey! I'll keep checking here to see how things are going along!


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