Bridal Shower

Sunday was my little sister’s bridal shower! I have been planning and scheming and crafting for the better part of 3 months now and it was so awesome to see it finally all come together! Everything turned out even better than I had hoped. Yay!

I will say that it was a lot of work. I think we all know how dangerous Pinterest can be when planning a party. You see a lovely picture and you think “oh, I could totally pull that off! No problem!” And then on your 4th straight hour with a hot glue gun you start to seriously doubt yourself and question your own sanity. All that aside, I managed to finish everything (with my glue gun in tact) and we had a lovely shower to celebrate my beautiful sister.

It will also say that it pays to work in the wedding industry because I have wonderful friends who provide me with beautiful flowers for occasions such as these. I died when I saw the flower arrangements my friend Cori put together for me. The peonies? Good heavens they were gorgeous!

I’m kinda sad that I didn’t get to take more pictures. I greatly underestimated the set-up time and by the time it was all done and I could snap a few pictures, chaos ensued and the shower was underway. I think everyone had a good time. The dessert table went over really well, the cake was so good! Yum!

I think this adorable beverage dispenser was my favorite find. Pier One was having a 30% off sale and I snagged the cutest one. I love the giant cork stopper on top!
I got real ambitious and decided to create a ribbon garland for the backdrop to the dessert table. This was probably the most time intensive part of the whole thing! I must have hit every craft store in a 30 mile radius looking for the perfect shades of pink, white and aqua. Then measuring them and tying them was pretty time consuming too. Thankfully, my bestie was in town from Mexico and she was eager to craft with me 🙂 Without her I don’t think this shower would have happened!
Do you see resemblance? Some people think we look like twins and some people can’t even tell we’re related!

Me and Caitlin-love her!

9 thoughts on “Bridal Shower

  1. Good Lord those are Pinterest-worthy pictures. You did a beautiful job throwing a shower for your sister! (And I fall in the category of people who think you two look like twins. You both have the same captivating eyes. Creepy???) =)


  2. Laura H

    What a lovely shower! It is clear that a lot of love went into planning it. I think that while you and your sister have different coloring (both of which are gorgeous), you definitely resemble each other and are clearly sisters. Still thinking of and praying for you and David along this journey.


  3. Oh my goodness…your hours of hard work and glue gunning paid off! Those pictures are magazine worthy! Gorgeous!!! I LOVE the ribbon garland (I have had that pinned for months and have yet to make it for anything, but it is just so pretty!!).

    And I think you and your sis look a lot alike! Beautiful ladies!


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