Happily Ever Aspen

Well hey there! Long time no see! Between 6 weddings in 3 weeks and David starting his new job last week, things have been busy but happy here! Today is one of my first free days to sit down and go through some pictures and blog!

David found himself with 2 weeks of time off between losing his old job and starting his news job (Yay! Still so happy! Praise God!!!!!). With his new job, David accrues vacation time so we knew that he wouldn’t have much time off for the next few months. So this was our last opportunity to travel again this year if we wanted to. We kissed our 7th anniversary trip to the Caribbean in September goodbye and we headed for Aspen!

We picked Aspen because we really haven’t spent much time there together as a couple. I’ve been there quite a few times, but David hasn’t and we thought it would be fun to explore together. We were right! We had the time of our lives. It was easily one of the best trips we’ve ever taken together.

We booked a super last minute condo at the top of Snowmass, one of Aspen’s sister villages. Our condo was right on the ski slopes, with a full kitchen and relaxing patio. It was the perfect place to spend 5 days! We even had so much fun we stayed an extra day! 🙂

We’re not extravagant people, but this was a celebration trip so we didn’t cut corners. In fact, we kinda lived it up in Aspen….when in Rome right?! 😉 We ate delicious food, window shopped expensive stores, enjoyed lots of peanut butter fudge, rented cruiser bikes, fished (we spent 16 hours on the river!), slept in, went to the rodeo, visited a ghost town, hiked, walked to get coffee and breakfast every morning and just generally had a fabulous, restful time.

To be honest, it was weird to have 5 whole days go so perfectly. And life since then has gone quite well too.  Maybe the winds have shifted and we’re headed for some smooth seas…..

That’s Capital Peak in the distance, one of Colorado’s most dangerous mountains. In fact, someone died hiking it while we were there. I keep trying to convince David he does NOT need to add this one to his list of mountains to climb!
The wildflowers were out of control beautiful! We’ve had a lot of rain in CO lately (woohoo!) and there are just fields of these beautiful flowers everywhere in the mountains!
We visited Ashcroft, a ghost town that has been preserved from the 1800’s. At one time they had 2,000 people living here, 20 saloons and 2 newspapers! Crazy to picture that…
Renting cruiser bikes was one of my favorite things. We rode all over town and took a beautiful ride along the river walk. It was so much fun!

 David had lots of success fishing! He caught 10 fish in one day! I LOVE just sitting on the river reading, watching David fish and relaxing. It’s probably one of my top favorite things to do in life.


On our last day, we decided to drive over Independence Pass, which was one of the most difficult passes David rode over for Ride the Rockies bike tour last year. We got to the top, parked and went to take some pictures and we ran into some of our favorite friends! What are the chances?! They were camping on the other side of the pass and decided to go up and check out the views. We decided God obviously wanted us to hang out so we crashed their camp, ate lunch and went fishing the rest of the day. So fun!


6 thoughts on “Happily Ever Aspen

  1. That sounds like the perfect last minute get away before David starts his job. We just got back from a weekend in the mountains and it was just what the doctor ordered!


  2. Ughhh, my jealousy over your weekend excursions is a little out of control… I'm guessing come winter, you'll be skiing ALL THE TIME?!?! Jealousy overload! I love seeing the mountain resorts in the summer/spring/fall. My Colorado experiences have always been winter or southern CO during the summer. I'd never think to go to Aspen in the summer, but it looks amazing! So glad y'all had a great time before the new job started!


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