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  • David and I just celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary! We enjoyed a little time away in the mountains and then went to dinner and a movie. It’s so weird to look at just how long we’ve been married! Some days it feels like we’re still newlyweds. Never in my wildest dreams did I think marriage would get more fun and easier as the years passed by. I am blessed to have such good man by my side.
  • As of September 1st, we have some killer health insurance. For the first time in my adult life, I will have a deductible that is less than $1,500! What?! I can’t even comprehend that. And our out of pocket maximum is only $2,000! I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but last year we hit our out of pocket maximum, which was $10,000. Ten. Thousand. Dollars. That we had to pay. Out of pocket. Blech. And the most interesting turn of events? We have infertility coverage. What?! Bananas.
  • We had a very fun and quick trip to Nashville a few weeks ago. David’s grandmother was very very ill and we knew we wanted to take a little time to go and visit her. By the time we booked our flight and made it to Tennessee, she was on the mend and getting ready to move back into her apartment! She’s a strong woman at 92 years old and we’re so blessed to have been able to visit! I just love Nashville, it’s one of my favorite cities. Lucky us that we have family there!
  • We caught a glimpse of the USA Pro Challenge that rode right by our house on their way up into the mountains the other weekend! So neat to see it and have such a cool cycling event come to Colorado!
  • Yesterday my sister texted me 5 beautiful words: “Can we take a trip?” My response? Umm, YES! And less than 10 hours later we had a flight to Seattle booked for a girl’s trip in 2 weeks. Woohooo! I love that my life allows for spontaneous trips that can be booked on a whim. Neither of us have been to Seattle, so if you have any good recommendations for restaurants or things to do, let me know! 🙂
  • I just finished up with my last super busy weekend of this wedding season. We went out with a bang with a beautiful mountaintop wedding in Keystone! 
    I still have a few elopements, engagement sessions and one more wedding in October, but the bulk of my wedding season is over now. Yay! I always love this time when I can sit back and relax a little. It’s fun to look back over the summer at all the neat weddings we did, but it’s also nice to just enjoy a normal pace of life without working so much!


8 thoughts on “This & That

  1. I've been reading your blog for a while now, but haven't commented until today. I believe we briefly met in the church parking lot two years ago when my sister and I were visiting the Sanchez girls in Colorado 🙂 I live in Seattle and thought I would give you a few suggestions:

    Space Needle (worth it if the weather cooperates)

    Chihuly Garden and Glass – located next to the Space Needle in the Seattle Center. Pricey, but the glass sculptures are stunning!

    Pike Place Market – you can't visit Seattle without seeing the market! And don't miss the iconic gum wall just down the alley from the market 🙂

    Discovery Park – gorgeous park overlooking the Puget Sound, located in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle

    Red Mill Burgers – arguably one of the most popular burger places in Seattle, located on Phinney Ridge a few blocks from the Woodland Park Zoo

    Alki Beach – if the weather is nice, take a water taxi from downtown to Alki in West Seattle for great views of the city

    Anthony's Pier 66 – if you like seafood, Anthony's is always a good choice and it is located right on the waterfront with views of the Olympics. I also highly recommend their peach desserts 🙂

    I really hope the weather cooperates for your visit! If you need anything while you're here, I'm happy to help 🙂


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