David and I decided to take a very spur of the moment trip to Utah to hang out in the desert this weekend. The more I’m there, the more I want to go back. There’s something about that place that has just captivated my heart! And I’m happy to say that this trip was significantly less windy than our last trip 😉 We stayed at this sweeeeeeeet ranch/lodge on the Colorado River where I have photographed a few weddings before and have always wanted to stay! We got a cabin and enjoyed our time on the lodge’s porch eating breakfast and sipping coffee and also spent a little time in their winery too! In the off-season, you can get killer deals at this place, so we totally took advantage of it and went all out!

During the day, David mountain biked with one of his buddies and I hiked some of the most beautiful trails in Moab. We spent a decent amount of time hanging out in the sunshine, scarfing burgers at Milt’s and taking pictures. I loved every single second! Sometimes it’s nice to just get the heck outta town and enjoy a weekend away! Can’t wait to go back! 🙂 Here are a few iPhone pics!

 Our sweet breakfast spot
 Saw some random petroglyphs, though I’m not sure how legit they were, one of them looks like a drunk scarecrow :/

 The view from our lodge


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