This & That

  • Thank you all so much for your well wishes and prayers regarding my melanoma biopsy. I’m happy to report that the lab called this morning to say that the results were benign! Yahooooo! I’m so happy, so relieved! It’s such a relief to know surgery isn’t looming on the horizon. Such a relief that I can put this behind me for now. I was pretty unimpressed with my dermatologist’s office so I’m getting a second opinion on the skin check tomorrow at a different office that I think will be a better fit for me. But as far as I can tell, all is well. Phew!
  • David and I got to go to our first Colorado State football game this weekend! What a fun time! I can’t believe we’ve never been to a CSU game before! We met up with my friend Kim and her husband and enjoyed a beautiful Saturday afternoon cheering on the Rams. And they won too, it was a great game!
  • We’re getting our first big snowstorm of the year and I am sooooo excited! I love snowstorms. If I could, I would live in a perpetual snowstorm, a permanent snow globe. There’s just something about it. I love the peace when snow falls, I love how quiet it is. And I love being able to snuggle up inside and watch the storm outside. Granted, I don’t love driving in the snow, shoveling snow, getting muddy or being cold-but I still love snowstorms. I’ve got chili going in the crockpot tonight, I’m already snuggled in my pjs (it’s 4pm, don’t judge) and my industrial sized supply of hot cocoa that I got at Sam’s Club has my name on it. The news said we’re supposed to get up to 15 inches in my town, we’ll see how accurate that is. The weathermen either grossly over or underestimate the snow totals. So we’ll either get 2 inches or 30. Ha!
  • Speaking of snow, the countdown is on to the day we get to buy an SUV! T minus 50 days now! We’re just waiting for David’s 6 month probationary period to be up at his new job. Once he gets through that, we’re good to go and we’ll pull the trigger on a new (well, it will be used, but it will feel new to us) car! Somehow we’ve managed to get through 7 Colorado winters/ski seasons/camping seasons without an SUV, I have no idea how we’ve made it this far! It’s high time we get a vehicle that gets us around to the places we love to go! We’ve got our eyes set on a Toyota 4Runner. I used to own one when we first got married and I totally regret selling it. At the time, it made sense because I was commuting 600 miles/week to grad school and doing that in an SUV isn’t a smart idea when it comes to conserving gas money. But now that I’m not driving nearly as much, I’m excited to bring one of these beautiful things back into my life (and David is excited for a car that he’ll finally fit in haha!) 🙂

  • Can we talk about Elf on the Shelf for a sec? My friend Jenn and I were lamenting together at breakfast the other day about how Facebook and Instagram should develop a way to block or filter all the Elf on the Shelf posts. I swear, I go through my Instagram feed and all I see is that little elf. Hear me out….I don’t dislike the Elf, really I don’t (he is a little creepy though right?!), and I’m sure it’s a fun thing for kids and whatnot. I just see him so much. Like all the time. I can’t get away from him, he’s haunting my dreams. I think I need a support group for Elf on the Shelf overload. Anyone else care to join?! 😉
  • David and I had a great time celebrating our 31st ThanksBirthGiving week. We both turned 31 last week and had a blast celebrating together! We went to a really nice dinner at a steakhouse in Denver for David’s birthday and then I got to go skiing on my birthday with my mom and sister, followed by a yummy italian dinner out with my in-laws to celebrate both mine and my mother in-law’s birthday (we share the same birthday!). It’s so fun having 3 birthdays and Thanksgiving in the same week! Next year my birthday is on Thanksgiving, so fun!

7 thoughts on “This & That

  1. I loved all of your pictures! The snow storm you are getting right now should be in my neck of the woods (Illinois) by Thursday night/Friday but I doubt I will get as much as you. I love them too! I didn't like them when I had to still go to work but then I became a school counselor and of course LOVED them even more because school was canceled or delayed 🙂 Now that I don't work and I can stay indoors whenever I please they aren't as fun but I still get excited when I hear one is coming. As far as the elf…eek. I'm guilty. I don't have kids (obviously) but I have always wanted to do it, so this year, I decided to do it with my hubby. hehe. I'm am guilty. :/


  2. Praise God it was benign!!! I am seriously so happy and relieved you got that news and cab enjoy the Christmas season without worrying. =) and I am SUPER jealous you are getting an SUV, I would feel so much safer in the winter having one of those. We should try and go skiing together sometime by the way, Jeremy and I are wanting to get up there a lot this winter.


  3. Skiing on your birthday?!?!??! Does life get any better? I'm so insanely jealous of your snow storm! I hope it is fabulous, massive, but that the power stays on! The snow is one of the biggest reasons I want to move back to Colorado… Georgia is LAME when it comes to snow. It's sad when you get excited about A snowflake… “it's snowing!!!!” “no, a snowflake fell and melted the second it touched the ground. that's not 'snowing'” Enjoy your fire, pjs and hot chocolate!


  4. I'm so glad everything with your biopsy turned out okay! Praise God! I love all this talk about Colorado! I miss home (Colo. Spgs.) so much and am looking forward to visiting for Christmas. 🙂 Happy birthday beautiful girl!!!


  5. BENIGN!!! Praise the Lord!!! Love that news!! you cracked me up about the elf on the shelf, so true! Happy 31st birthday girl! So fun that you both get to celebrate the same week! xo


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