New Car!

You guys! It’s here! It’s finally here! We finally bought a new car!!!!!!!!! AHHHH! So beyond excited about this! We have been so patient and sooooo diligent in saving. And now we finally have it! A beautiful new 4Runner to call our own. Yipeeeeee!!! I honestly don’t know how we’ve managed 7 camping and ski seasons together without this thing.

We debated for a looong time about if we wanted new or used. We test drove both, weighed the pros and cons of both and we eventually settled on new! While black was a strong contender, we eventually went with a gunmetal gray color, which is beauuuutiful!

I owned a 4Runner back in college and I sold it when we got married due to all the commuting I was doing for grad school. It was the saddest decision I’ve ever made, giving that 4Runner up. But now we have one again it feels like all is right with the world again ::happy dance::

 66 miles on the odometer

We took it up for our first mountain adventure this weekend. Fishing on the river, nothing crazy. But still, it did great!

Then Sunday and Monday we got hit with a little snowstorm so we had our first chance to test out the 4×4, which performed beautifully! It’s so nice having a car that doesn’t slip and slide all over the place when there’s more than 4 inches of snow on the ground!
So happy to welcome this beautiful thing into our family! Woot woot!!! 🙂


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