Mexico City

I write this post, curled up in bed next to David watching the USA lose to Canada in women’s hockey. It’s a Thursday at 1:45 in the afternoon. You must be asking yourself, “what in the world are they doing in bed on a Thursday at 1:45 in the afternoon?” Recovering from Montezuma’s Revenge is what we’re doing. We’ve been sidelined. It’s not pretty. I’ll leave it at that. 🙂

Aside from the unfortunate havoc Mexico City has wreaked upon our stomachs, we had the most delightful trip to Mexico!!! We decided it was high time to go down and visit Caitlin and Victor considering we hadn’t been down there since their amazing wedding.

We were only there for a few days, so our trip was quite a whirlwind. It was 72 hours of tacos, millions of people, mandarin ice cream, baby snuggles, long walks, bright colors, street performers, open air markets, delicious baked goods, Oaxacan cheese, strong coffee, deep conversations and not enough sleep.

 One of the highlights of our trip was seeing the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral. They do tours to the top of the bell towers where you can look down and see Zocalo, which is the second largest square in the world behind Red Square in Russia. We went just as the sun was setting, the lighting was absolutely gorgeous!

They were having some sort of military rally in Zocalo, there were SO many people!

 They have Coke stores in Mexico where all they sell are various Coke products. Pretty cool!

 It’s customary in Mexico City to have sweet bread/cookies/cakes and hot chocolate in the evening. I was a HUGE fan of this tradition. We went to a local bakery and got to pick out whatever our hearts desired 🙂

 Oh Cora. Sweet sweet baby Cora. She’s Caitlin and Vic’s daughter and a fellow red head. She is maybe the happiest, sweetest, calmest and most adorable baby I have ever seen. She laughs all the time, smiles all the time and is just happy to just look around and take in all the sights. David and I are head over heels for this little peach. I was just as sad to say goodbye to her as I was to Caitlin and Vic. She is a light and a blessing. I’m so lucky to have this sweet little girl in my life!

I was surprised by a lot of things in Mexico City. I was surprised by how developed it was, how modern it felt and all the historical and cultural treasures to be found. I was surprised to see Walmart, Costco and Olive Garden. I was surprised at all the ridiculously nice cars people drove and that all these millions of people could live so peacefully together without going crazy (that’s the introvert in me talking who freaks out when I’m around more than 20 people haha!). And I couldn’t get over the mountains. The elevation is just over 7,000 feet, which is higher than where I live in CO! The mountains surround the entire area, it’s so beautiful (even with the pollution haha!).

We are definitely going to be going back, although next time we might be a bit more discriminating in what we eat and drink so as to avoid the current unfortunate state we are in haha! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Mexico City

  1. Boo to the stomach bug. 😦
    So glad you had such a wonderful weekend though! Looks like an amazing time and as always, beautiful photos!
    We forgot to try and hook up at DIA. I wonder if we were in the airport at the same time?


  2. You always take the most amazing pictures of your travels. I'm glad you were able to spend some time with your best friend and get some baby time in, those are my favorite kind of trips!


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