Yay Spring!

I love springtime in Colorado! Even though snow is still likely (actually, I’m 76.8% sure it’s snowing right now…we’re supposed to get 3ish inches tonight), the temperatures are warmer and the opportunities to get outside are abundant! I love that you can hang around lower elevations and find dry trails and 70 degrees or you can go up in the mountains and find lots of snow to play in. So many options!

We took some friends snowshoeing for the first time last weekend and we had an amazing time! A quick hour drive and we were in the most perfect place to tromp around in the snow. We battled some hurricane force winds up there, but it was worth it! Our 7 mile hike came to an end and we dragged our tired butts into a local brewery and revived ourselves with burgers and beer. Perfect Colorado day!

 We’ve had just a little bit of snow this year 

 David is pretty much obsessed with mountain biking. He has been since I met him, nothing has changed. If anything, he’s even more obsessed now. After buying a fancy new bike last week to replace his old bike that he’s ridden so hard the wheels are practically falling off, we’ve spend a lot of time on the trails lately! We had about 10 days of beeeeeautiful weather, so we took every opportunity we had to head outside and spend some time on the trails near our house! 
I tried mountain biking once and it ended very poorly. I hobbled off the trail with approximately 1,318 cactus prickers in my leg after I fell. Since then, I’ve been a little hesitant to try it again. But I do like to hike while he’s riding. It gives me time to clear my head, pray, listen to music and enjoy the outdoors. Even though I’m not by his side the entire time, it’s nice knowing we’re only a mile or two apart. That way, if one of us runs out of water *cough*cough*David*cough* then the other more well prepared spouse *ahem* can come to their aid on the trail. 🙂
 The fact that these places are a 15 minute drive from our house…ridiculous. We’re so lucky! 

He’s loves his new bike so much, it’s the cutest thing ever. 
Happy Spring Friends!

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