This & That

    • I feel a little bit bad posting this. Because I know it’s going to make you jealous. And I don’t want that for you. If you’re prone to jealousy, read no further… here goes….we booked our 8th anniversary vacation to….the Cayman Islands!!!!! We’re going for almost 2 weeks (yes, you read that correctly). And. I. cannot. wait. Our last 2 anniversaries didn’t go as planned. Emergency surgery and job loss has a way of throwing a wrench into vacation plans, so we’re kinda making up for lost time with this vacation. We knew we wanted the Caribbean. We knew we didn’t want all-inclusive this time (our typical go-to). And we knew we wanted a killer beach. I looked into everything from the Virgin Islands and Jamaica to going back to Aruba or Cuacao. But when I found round-trip tickets from Denver to Grand Cayman for $350, I couldn’t resist. T-minus 4 weeks until I’m sitting on 7 Mile Beach with a pina colada in my hand. Lord willing, of course. I’ve learned to hold my travel plans very very loosely. 

    • Netflix is going to become the death of me. David and I pretty much use it exclusively to watch TV series that we can’t watch on tv because we don’t have cable. I’m getting sucked into sooooo many good shows! Most recently, we binge watched our way through the first 4 seasons of Downton Abbey. Holy cow I’m hooked on that smug little English family. And now I’m stuck waiting until January for season 5 to come on TV! I suppose I should be grateful I at least get PBS and can watch it on TV though. The rest of the shows I’m hooked on are all HBO or Netflex Original Series: True Detective, Orange is the New Black, Boardwalk Empire, Homeland and House of Cards (oh. my. goodness. House of Cards is quite possibly the best show I’ve ever watched). It’s getting out of control.  
    • This summer I got talked into participating in something called No Junk June & July. I think it started with my brother in-laws work. It was a challenge he decided to participate in and he extended the invite to David and I. Essentially you sign a contract that you won’t eat any junk during the 2 months. You can outline the specific things you want to abstain from like alcohol, sugar or fast food. And if you fail, you owe your buddy some money. I decided to cut out sugar because it had a pretty strong hold on me. I have noticed a decreased craving for sugar, which is really nice! I would crave dessert every evening after dinner and now, my sugar cravings have decreased. I’ve found that I’m satisfied with a simple cup of tea instead. Now I would just like to say, I’m really happy it’s August (she says, eating a chocolate chip cookie…)
    • I’m debating whether or not I should another audit class at Seminary this fall. I really really want to. The trouble is, fall semester starts in like 2 weeks, which is still in the middle of my wedding season and it feels like I might be biting off more than I can chew. Plus, the class I’m interested in is a night class and goes from 6:30-9:30pm, meaning I wouldn’t get home until close to 11pm. Lord knows I put David through a lot of late nights while I was in grad school and I kinda don’t want to do that to him again! I still have a little time to think about it…
    • Speaking of fall….it’s almost here! I love August so much, because it means fall begins next month. YES!!!! And football season is finally here! YESSSS!!! The Broncos first preseason game is this week already! Why oh why does it have to be against the Seahawks though?! As if the memory of losing the Super Bowl to them isn’t still fresh in my mind…gah! Oh well, hopefully we’ll crush them in the preseason game and it will give us a big boost of confidence 🙂 Oh fall, you can’t come soon enough…

    2 thoughts on “This & That

    1. I'm INSANELY jealous of your upcoming vacation! But, I know you guys really deserve a break, so I hope it's glorious! Also, I'm insanely jealous that fall starts for you in September… meanwhile, I'll be roasting in the 90s until mid to late October.


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