Grand Cayman is a keeper for sure. We had the trip of a lifetime! It was so peaceful, relaxing and beautiful. It’s hard to believe we’ve been back for a week already!

When we first arrived, I wanted to keep track of everything because I thought I would do a day-by-day blog post that outlined what we did each day. And then I realized all of our days were going to look the same: drink coffee on the beach, relax on the beach, float in the ocean, take a walk, read on the beach, eat yummy dinners at awesome restaurants. Repeat. So I scratched my day by day plan in favor of just a big summary.

In summary, Grand Cayman was awesome! We did everything I mentioned above for 2 weeks and it was glorious. About 5 days in, we both sort of slipped into a island mentality where nothing really mattered except what time happy hour started at the beach bar and when the tide was coming in.

We stayed at a precious little boutique hotel called the Grand Cayman Beach Suites. It’s hurricane season the off-season in the Carribean so we got a killer deal and managed to pretty much have the resort to ourselves. There were maybe 10 other hotel guests staying there with us, it was nice and quiet! Our hotel was right on Seven Mile Beach, so we were able to walk to lots of restaurants enjoy lots of beautiful Carribean sunsets.

One day we felt really adventurous so we took a catamaran snorkeling trip and got to see a ship wreck and some beautiful coral reef. I’m a certified diver, but due to some current health issues I had to stay above the surface. It was still neat to see everything below! There were only 4 other people on the boat with us and the captain seemed a little annoyed with his crew so he let David drive for a while. 😉 That was about all that happened on our big adventure day.

We rented a car (let’s talk about how fun it is to drive on the left-hand side of the road while also maneuvering round-a-bouts!) so one day we drove around the entire island. It actually took a long time considering it was an island. We headed out to a place called Rum Point and Starfish Point. Neither of us had rum at Rum Point or saw any starfish at Starfish Point. Oh well, still lovely to see!

The rest of our time was spent in a somewhat vegetative state on the beach. It’s amazing how listening to the ocean waves 8 hours a day an change your whole mentality! We literally spent all day reading, napping, floating in the calmest and clearest water I’ve ever seen, and taking long walks on the beach and enjoying the sunshine together.

To be perfectly honest, I’m still struggling to adjust back to life at home where everything feels so fast paced and stressful. I just feel all outta sorts, ya know? I don’t even feel like I can write a proper blog post, this one feels so choppy. Blech. For real though, I’m happy to be home, but I definitely feel overwhelmed by being back in reality. Taking a 2 week vacation in the middle of wedding season wasn’t my brightest idea. I came home to about 350 emails and roughly 15,000 photos to be edited. Thankfully once next week is over (5 weddings in one week for my company. Eeek!) things will slow way down and my off-season will begin. Until then, I’ll just be scrolling through our photos of Grand Cayman, pretending that I’m sitting on a beach listening to the ocean waves.

(Considering I’m operating at about 23% mental capacity right now, I don’t have the energy to deal with Blogger’s photo formatting issues. Sorry the photos aren’t aligning properly!)

 I found my one shoulder dress! It was ridiculously short for my comfort level, so I wore it with leggings. Still a win!
 The best part was celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary together. We went to the BEST oceanfront restaurant, Lucca, which was a 10 minute stroll down the beach from our hotel. We ate lobster and steak and some yummy lemon dessert stuff. It was a great way to spend our anniversary! Marriage just seems to get sweeter as the years go by. I absolutely adore this man, I can’t imagine life without him! I think it’s pretty awesome that we can travel for 2 weeks together and be by each other’s side 24 hours a day without wanting to strangle each other haha! God sure did bless me with a great travel partner!
Always the adventure seeker….

 Rum Point had a fun sign about all the different hurricanes that came close or hit the island

 David sailing our catamaran. I think he was tempted to head towards Jamaica 🙂
Hahahah, the most random snorkeling selfie ever. I promise we didn’t mean to take this picture, but I like how it turned out!


One thought on “Cayman

  1. I love this! Becky, you look just gorgeous! And, of course, your photos are amazing.

    Side note, Adam an I are looking into taking (what would be) our first big vacation since our honeymoon…three years ago. Suggestions?!


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