Let’s have a little story, about that one time we almost adopted a crazy puppy. 
One day I was driving down I-25 on my way to Denver for class.  It was a beautiful morning, I had finished photographing the sunrise and I was looking forward to the day ahead. I had just stopped for a hot cup of coffee, of which I was about to take my first sip.
Up ahead, something catches my eye. What is that? Is that….no, it couldn’t be…surely…is that a puppy on the side of the highway?!? I slam on my brakes (carefully preserving my hot coffee) and pull over onto the shoulder of the interstate. Yes indeed, a sweet little puppy is running around. Barely 5 feet from traffic, he was confused, alone and not quite sure which way to turn. I get out of my car, careful to not get run over myself. I run over to him and I quickly distract him away from the semi-trucks that are headed his way. 
I asked him what he was doing on the side of I-25 all by himself. He responded by licking my face. I asked him how he got there. He responded by chasing a bunny down an embankment. I decide we should probably go for a walk and see if maybe he just escaped out of his home. Surely his owners must be frantic and looking for him, right?! We walk away from the highway towards all the pretty farms. We walk all over, looking for his family. We knock on doors, we wake people up, we explore driveways and backyards and we come up empty handed. 
As the morning goes on and I realize this puppy and I were going to be together for a while, I decide he needed a name. I name him Puppynado because he is a tornado of fur and slobber and joy. He loves our adventure so much and especially loved chasing all the bunnies. Puppynado was happy as a clam walking through horse property and country roads with me. Note: I got the pink leash after banging on a poor woman’s door for 15 minutes at 6:45am. In her sleepy stupor, she gave me the leash so that I would leave her alone and let her go back to sleep 🙂

We keep walking, exploring, searching for his owners. Surely, someone is missing Puppynado at this very moment, right? Well, if they were looking for him, we never saw them. After a long time of looking around, watching the passing cars drive down the dirt roads and feeling a bit defeating,  we head back to my car, careful to avoid the semi-trucks. Puppynado happily gets in the backseat, ready for our next adventure.

 At this point, I’m not quite sure what to do with Puppynado. I know one thing for sure…he’s ridiculously cute and he’s slobbering all over my jacket with his big pink puppy tongue. I know that I want to give him the best shot at reuniting with his owners, wherever they might be so I met up with Boulder Animal Control. Puppynado greeted them with the same enthusiastic kisses and he greeted me with. They determine he is 8 months old and not microchipped (seriously people, microchip your pets!). They told me they would help him get entered into the Lost Dog program. He would get a bath, a fancy photoshoot and an online profile where people can search for him. Sounds good! Surely, someone will claim him in no time. I say goodbye to Puppynado, pat his head, rub his velvety ears and wish him luck. He never even turned around to thank me, he was too preoccupied with his new animal control friends and watching a squirrel.

Because I’m obsessive, I check Puppynado’s online Lost Dog profily approximately 28 times that day. No one has claimed him. I check the next day and the next and the next. Still, no one has claimed this sweet little tornado of fur. Eventually, almost a week passes and Puppynado graduates from a Lost Dog, to an Adoptable Dog. That’s when my heart starts twisting in knots.

I want this dog. I love this dog. I helped save his life. But I have several problems facing me, the least of which are my 2 spoiled kitties who would not take kindly to having a furry hurricane chase them around the house. Followed by a very logical husband who knows the last thing we need right now is a puppy. 
I pray. I agonize. I cry and ask God what I should do. I talk ad nauseam with David about it. And I never have peace about the decision. I do have peace about visiting him again though. So off to the shelter I go that we can play together.
See why I named him Puppynado? He’s a tornado.
After just 12 hours as an Adoptable Dog, someone places a hold on him. My heart sinks a little bit knowing that in all likelihood, he would be going home very soon with someone who wasn’t me. Regardless, I brought David over to visit him. I wanted him to meet this little guy who wiggled his way into my heart. 
I’d be lying if there wasn’t a little piece of me that wished David had formed an impenetrable bond with Puppynado. A bond that took away all of his logical objections to adopting a crazy puppy. A bond that was so strong that he would say “Beck, we have to get this dog. Wild horses couldn’t keep me from adopting him. Perhaps we should just keep walking him all the way home.” That didn’t happen, but it didn’t stop us from having lots of fun with him 🙂
 David felt that a more appropriate name for him was Puppy CrayCray 🙂
We get home and I agonize/pray/cry/obsess some more. But only long enough to realize that Puppy CrayCray aka Puppynado had adopted by someone else. I’m not sure who, but I hope they’re kind and loving. I hope they feed him steak every day and have a big backyard full of bunnies and an 8 foot fence. 
And that is the story of how we almost adopted a puppy, but not really. The end. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Puppynado

  1. Puppynado! If I thought willow would ever dare share her space with another dog, I would have adopted him in a heartbeat. What a sweetheart. And bless your animal loving-heart Becky.


  2. Laura

    You're good people, Ms. Becky. It always warms my heart to hear about people that stop what they're doing to pull over and help an animal in need. Ever since our little Chelsea was lost for a whole day (but safely came home), I have vowed to always do the same because you have to hope that someone else is looking for their little baby and they just need a Good Samaritan to help the animal find their way home. Wishing Puppynado all the best with his new family!

    I will agree with the others that it could definitely work to have a dog in your family (one that will treat your cute kitties like the bosses they are!). Maybe someday!


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