Radio Silence

We are LA bound in 2 days. Surgery is in 4 days. I have absolutely no idea how my recovery will go, so I have no idea when I’ll be able to post again. Maybe in a week! Maybe in a month! Or maybe in October! It’s hard to know what to expect with brain surgery, it’s not exactly a simple thing. So if all you hear is radio silence from me, fear not!

In the meantime, I would love your prayers. Prayers for a smooth surgery. Prayers for an easy and restful recovery, without complications. Yes, pray that one again…please Lord, let there be no complications. Patients undergoing this specific craniotomy are at a high risk for meningitis, bell’s palsy, mastoiditis, cerebral spinal fluid leaks and fun things like that. A tiny little cold can turn into something devastating that lands you in the ICU again. Complications, stay away from me!

Overall, I feel good. Peaceful. Ready. Hopeful. Light as air with a smile on my face because my faith finally overcame my fear. I stood out under the stars the other night, I highly recommend it, it’s a great way to gain perspective if you ever need it! I’m happy that my star photos are getting better as time goes on, hooray! Ok, signing off for now….Cali here we come! 🙂


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