Healing: Week 5

This has been an interesting week for sure. I’m in this weird limbo area where I am not yet fully recovered and not fresh out of surgery either. I have moments where I forget I even had surgery because I feel so darn good. And then that is followed up by moments where it feels like surgery was just yesterday. It’s an odd place to be….feeling good, but then not so good. Full of energy, but easily exhausted. I guess I’m learning to take the bad with the good and go with the flow each day.

The Good:

  • I finally walked a mile! Yaaaay! I’ve been trying to reach that milestone for a long time and I finally did it on Tuesday. I was all by myself and I just kept going. I didn’t get tired either. I was tempted to keep going, but the last thing I need is to have a wave of exhaustion come over me while I’m 2 miles away from my house. 
  • My balance continues to improve. I’ve even had whole days go by with only 1 or 2 moments of dizziness, which is amazing compared to where I was right after surgery and before surgery. It is so nice to see the world normally again.
  • I’m feeling really good on my own, which is so nice. I can walk alone and be home alone without any fear of something going wrong or needing help. It’s a sense of independence I haven’t had in a while.
  • I started working again this week. No, not out taking photos…that won’t happen for quite some time! But I’ve been able to edit, invoice clients, email etc. for long periods of time without much issue. I do need to take breaks every 30 minutes so that I don’t overdo it, but I’ve been fairly productive. I will admit, one day I worked too much and I paid dearly for it!
  • My hair is growing! It’s about an inch long now where they shaved it and it’s beginning to cover the incision. Woo!
  • I’ve been blessed to see some sweet friends this week and my best friend from college is coming into town next week to stay with us for a while and help out! I’m excited to see her and put her to work pulling weeds in our yard bwahahaha! 😉
The Bad:
  • What started as normal post-operative pulsing in my head&ear due to swelling and fluid has slowly morphed into what is eerily similar to my pre-op heartbeat in my ear. It sounds the same, feels the same and is about the same frequency as before surgery. It could still be normal. But it could be abnormal. I’ve reached out to my surgeons and am awaiting their response on this. In the meantime, I’m trying to keep my head up and not be discouraged by this.
  • Exhaustion and confusion continue to follow me around some days. I definitely notice it more if there has been sustained amounts of visual or auditory stimulation, like conversation, music, reading etc. My brain just hits a point where it can’t process anymore and I get what I call “mashed potato brain”-I can’t think straight, I can’t find words, I have trouble tracking what is happening etc.
  • We have had like 5 straight days of bad weather here in CO, which is soooo not normal at all. My head is super sensitive to the barometric pressure, so I’ve found myself with more pressure and ear popping /crackling this week. It’s like there is a bowl of Rice Krispies in my ear haha! 
  • I’m getting reeeeaaallly tired of my movement restrictions. Like, I just want to bend down and pick up my socks on the floor. I’m tired of trying to grab things with my toes. Ha!

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